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May 30, 2011

Sally Hansen Purple Diamond

Love of my life. I found the perfect polish. Love at first sight. This is what I'll be wearing most of the summer.
I already have few frankens in my mind, and I'm planning to order a spare bottle.

Oh my god!
Nfu Oh, Gosh and CG true holo effect are ridiculously pricey in my country. You have to order those from ebay, and with the expensive price you have to add shipping and the final sum is too much, even for special polishes those holos are.
When I ordered my bottle of not-so-well-known Sally Hansen Purple Diamond (in comparison with those other holos, very cheap), I wasn't expecting much. Some dull holo wannabe, maybe.
So when I opened my package and put my hands on this beauty I was already in delirium  :)
But when I put it on my nails and went outside on the sunshine, I was speechless.

I hope you will be, too :)

It's really rainbow in every bottle as the sticker on the bottle says. I tried two photos in the shade, too, but the rainbow is visible even then!!!

I have just one little objection: this polish is pretty sheer. I first put three coats and there was still visible nail line. So I removed it next day and on these photos I have creme purple polish underneath, and on top just one thicker coat of Purple Diamond. I think it's better to apply this polish over creme base because this way I'll use it up slower.

One more thing: after a year of fighting with my weak, fragile nails, I gave up and went back to oval shape. Square edges keep breaking and I can't have nails longer than one millimeter. Now they are short, but I expect them to grow much longer because this shape suits them better. I don't especially like this shape and I envy all the girls who have strong nails and can wear them totally square, but I must accept mine as they are, so for now I'll have them this way. My exams are coming so I won't have so much time to take care of my nails, file them three times a day, whenever they break, so this is my easy way out.
Maybe at summer I'll go back to squoval shape.

Do you like the polish? :)
And my new shape of nails? :(


May 28, 2011

Essence Sundancer & Crackle

Hello my dear readers!
I haven't posted in a while, since my semester is getting close to an end, and I have to finish so many tasks. I'm sorry, I would love to be more like the famous bloggers out there who post every day, but as it says in my profile: I'm just a small fish trying to be like them, but failing most of the time :)

I have this mani for three days, and I made the photos on tuesday, but I didn't have time or energy to write few coherent words with it. But it's friday, at last, and I got to sleep more than 5 hours so now I have the necessary upswing! (edit: it's saturday, since I couldn't upload my photos yesterday, I don't know what happened with blogger)
As a base  I used Essence Sundancer, polish that receives so much hate that I have to stand up for it:  it's not that bad in application, covering is good in two coats, it lasts more than two days and I actually like it's 'eggy' kind of yellow.
I planned to do some nail art but I gave up and just put one coat of Essence's black crackle top coat.
This time I tried to apply it in zigzag pattern and it worked better for me, altough I once more confirmed to myself how unfascinated I am with crackles in general.
My nails look unneat and unevenly shaped with crackle, and since I'm fond of symmetry, I have to remind myself that it should look like this, every time I look at my nails.

I was pretty surprised to see that very few people liked my new jelly green polish. I was thrilled with it and I believe I'll be wearing it more often in autumn time.

What do you think of this yellow-black combo?


May 23, 2011

Basic Beauty no.109

I bought this wondeful shade of jelly green when Basic Beauty polishes were on sale in Limoni perfume shops in Croatia. Believe it or not, this beauty was only 2$!!!

The color is somewhere between Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle and Orly Enchanted Forest.
I was considering buying Enchynted Forest for some time, but the shade didn't excite me just enough. The color was too dark, too dull.

And then I saw this Beauty! For me it's the perfect dark green jelly: not too dark that it looks black, but jet dark enough that it doesn't scream green!

I was in a big hurry putting this polish on so I did two extra thick layers, but what surprised me mostly about this polish is it's quality at such a low price: it didn't bubble and it was dry in ten minutes!

'Nuf talk, let's see this gorgeous!
First picture show the polish's lightest version (lots of sunlight), and the last one is the darkest (and the most accurate one).

Speaking of too dark greens, altough every polish blogger craves for Nars Zulu, I always thought that it looks more black than green, that was the main reason why green-lover like me didn't already buy it at some ridiculous price from ebay.
Wow, am I happy I waited now, and didn't buy it. Because I've found my perfect jelly green now and my quest is over!

Too all of you that love greens and are able to buy this in you country I advise: hurry up and get it! :)


May 20, 2011

Lizards of Oz

Altough Bourjois 10 days in color 18 is wonderful as it is, I wouldn't be called Stickers if I hadn't done something weird with it. And so came: lizards of Oz! 
I liked this BM plate from the second I got my first 20 plates, but somehow I never used it. The lizard's little fingers (paws?) are so difficult to transfer to the nail, so you have to use perfect stamping nail polish, which is for me a vintage L'oreal chrome polish that's unfortunately disconitnued...

Beware, the Lizards...


May 19, 2011

Bourjois 10 days no. 18

Yesterday it was a special day here in Croatia! In one drugstore there was 30% off on all nail polishes. Of course I had to drop by and take a look, but since I ordered one pricey package from ebay, I couldn't buy more than 5 polishes, I made a promise to myself. I'm proud to say  I kept that promise, and now I'm a proud owner of 4  new polishes! :)

One of them I was most excited about is Bourjois dark blue polish under a "very cool" name: 18.
This is dream-come-true polish for me. Blue with grey subtone and a ultra mega cool silver shimmer that is actually visible on the nail! Two coats are more than enough, and this baby shines this much without top coat:

 And last picture is taken indoors and it shows my left hand. I'm right-handed, but somehow I always get my right hand painted better and looking better, which is unusual. Maybe I was supposed to be left-handed?

I have only words of praise for this polish, but I hate it's brush. It's supposed to be shaped to help you paint your nails perfectly, but I ended up with only doing a big mess. You can see the shape of the brush on Lalica's blog here. But luckily I have plenty of nail polish correctors in pen so I cleaned it up.


May 18, 2011

Maybelline mini Colorama no.64 Vibrant Fuchsia

This color is exactly like it's name says: vibrant fuchsia!  Beautiful pinky fuchsia with blue-ish (purple-ish) micro shimmer that makes the warm pink more cold, but still vibrant. What a description, now I'm confused! :)

I always remember my first... First love, first kiss, first beer can that I collected (now I have over 200), first polish I ever bought (now I have almost 150)....

Back at the time when I wasn't a polish addict, I owned few polishes, some of them were presents, some were given to me when they were sticky and old by my friends, and most of the time I used my momma's polishes. I'm begining to think that she would be a polish addict herself if she was born when I was, since she grew up when only few shades could be found in our stores, and she had almost all of them. Today, she says she's too old for this, but she still supports my hoarding, though :) Thanks, mom!

But then came the time I saw this beauty and since it was too bright for my mom's collection, it was the first polish I ever bought for myself! And when I used the first bottle, I started to buy other polishes, but some time ago I bought it again, and now I tried it after some time. And again, I'm loving this color!

 These first two were taken indoors, and the other three outdoors. It was so sunny outside that my hands look yellow-ish from all that light...
This is two easy coats of Vibrant Fuchsia.
I'm sorry I applied it yesterday when it was dark, and I washed my hair this morning, so there's some tip wear, but I'm sure you wouldn't notice it if I didn't mention it, would you? :)

And now: (drums in the background) : Winner of my giveaway..................................................................................

 Congrats, girl! Check out Ritterbraten's excellent blog, Das Experiment.
I sent you an email, hope to hear from you soon.

I had to write all the names to small papers because I don't trust random, I know it's stupid, but I have a feeling that the first and the last contestant have no chance, and I feel it's unfair! :)
Thank you all for joining me!


May 16, 2011

Essence Speed of Light Blue

I found my new love! Essence's dupe for Chanel Riva: Speed of Light Blue!

This polish is perfection, starting with flawless application and opaqueness in two layers. Then there is funtastic color: very light, milky blue, but because of almost invisible blue shimmer it doesn't look like corrector.
I don't own any shade this light, pastel blue, all the colors I have are a bit darker (and I'm sucker  for light blues so I own many of them) so I call this a unique.

First 4 photos are taken in the direct sunlight:

And these two in the shade:

I can't get enough of this polish, I've had it for three days, and then when it chipped, I put the same polish again. This never happened to me since I began to be a polish addict.
It's really cheap (2,5$), but also very small (7ml) so I may even reconsider buying one extra to stash, since it's limited edition polish (You rock!).

I sincerely advise you to buy this one, it's worth it! :)

P.S. Giveaway is closed, I received only about 50 entries so it won't be long before I make a post with winner announcement.


May 11, 2011

Golden Rose Paris 60 & She 230

Hello everyone!

I 'm just reminding you of my giveaway that ends in 4 days! I just wanted to thank everyone for your comments and suggestions on how to improve my blog. And to welcome all of you who haven't entered yet to do so.

I was surprised how many of you liked Milani Purple Gleam. Maybe I'll have to find better home for it...

I did this new mani in less than half an hour and I was surprised how good it looks, as though I was sitting in a nail salon for an hour or more.
As a base I used some sheer pink franken, just to cover any visible imperfections on the nail. Then I used scotch tape and Golden Rose Paris 60 to do a red triangle on the nail.
And finally I used a thin brush to do a silver line with She 230.
I'm really satisfied with this mani, I think I'll wear it for a few days, until it chips.

Sorry for photo spamming :)

Next: I got an award!

I've been tagged by Maki and Lalica. Thank you so much my lovely ladies with fancy nails :)

Here's what you have to do: 
Write 10 facts about yourself and pass the award to 10 bloggers!

Here we go...

1. I'm a hamster. I collect everything. Beer cans, erasers, old coins, tea bags (yes, even tea bags...) ...
2. I'm a student at civil engineering.
3. The other day I was looking at my old photos and I realised I don't have any picture since I was 14 without my nails being polished :)
4. I currently own more than 100 and less than 150 polishes
5. I love to play stupid match-5 games and listen to an audiobook at the same time. I can spend hours like that!
6. Uh, .... isn't  5 facts more than enough?  I get bored easily... Does anyoone even read this? :)
7. I love to travel. But then again, who doesn't?
8. I love everything overcooked, overdone, roasted....with big dark crust, and taste of burnt. Meat, popcorns, potatoes, biscuits... No red beefsteak for me!
9. I love cooking!
10. I'm grumpy...

I tag folllowing blogs:
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May 9, 2011

Milani One Coat Glitter: Purple Gleam

Out of all One Coat Glitters by Milani this one is the worse in my opinion.

First of all, it's nowhere near ONE coat glitter, in these photos I have put three coats, and I might as well have done the fourth since I can still see some gaps.

Then, of course, to dry that mess up, I added a thick coat of Poshe.
Just look what it did to my tips! I have a tip wear as if this photo was taken on the fourth day of wearing the polish...

And then, on top of all, I couldn't capture the true color!
But, then, it happens to all purples, I guess. So, just imagine it a bit more one the ligth side of purple, not so violet as in the photos.

Oh, and one more thing, it looks so dull, without any shine in that glitter, even with TC that is supposed to add extra glow. Boring... :(
I believe only a true purple lover would fancy this polish. I don't.

These were taken outdoors:

But since the color turned out too cold, I thought I could perhaps capture the real color inside, with flash:

A bit better, but I'm still not completely satisfied with this swatch. The color is most accurate in the first photo.
I took the polish off next day and I'm curently having a great mani that I can't wait to show you tomorrow!