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December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

During Christmas time, I'm going home to my parents, where I don't have internet, so I'll take a little break from blogging. Don't forget me! :)
And a Christmas mani for you:

Used: Ruby Pumps (of course) and a no name green polish.

Merry Chritsmas to you all!


December 17, 2010

Astor Midnight Blue

As I promised in my last post, I'm gonna show you Astor nail polish in Midnight Blue color. I never heard of Astor polishes until my friend got me one for last Christmas. And I can say I love it. It's the best dark blue color I own and that I've seen in person so far. It's dark enough, but not easily mistaken for black, because of it's great lighter blue shimmer. Shimmer is very visible, and that makes this polish special. In a few days I'm getting E.l.f. Dark Navy and I wonder is it as good as this one. I'll make a comparison, even though not many people own Astor polishes. If you do see Astor polishes I would recommend you to buy them.
Now the pictures:


December 14, 2010

Vollare Flash + BM flowers

Like I said in a post few days ago: I love to have many colors of nail polishes, but my low-student-budget doesn't allow me to buy all those fancy collections that I see on ebay. Although my heart goes wild from time to time and I buy something that's out of my range (shipping to Croatia drives me mad, for a polish woth 2.5 $, shipping is at least 3$).

But more often I go to a farmacy or a drugstore and buy mini polishes. New Age are my favourite, and Vollare is on the second place.
Today I have a hippy manicure (lately I don't really act like winter is on the door) with vivid jelly orange Vollare Flash that showed my nail line even after three coats, so I added Bundle Monster flowers to cover it.

Flash Nail Polish:

Left hand:

 Right hand:

And a close.up:

For stamping I used Astor nail polish in dark navy blue with shimmer that is awesome, and I'm planning to show it to you soon!


December 13, 2010

I won a giveaway!

I'm soooo happy, Kelly from Vampy Varnish just mailed me and informed me that I'm the winner of her giveaway!

My day was so crappy until now that I was planning to go to bed and not to wake up 'till tomorow...
I slept for 4 hours because I had to study for exam today, then I messed it up and had class from 5 pm to 8 pm. Totally exhausted I came home to find out I have to finish a project by tomorow, and that takes at least 5 hours of work.
But since the good news came I'm jumping around and now I'm just about to start doing my project, so: thank you Kelly for making my day!

And a note to my dear followers: you also make my day, just a comfort of knowing that someone out there actually reads my blabbering :)

Essence Crazy about colour LE: Crazy me

Essence introduces a new Limited edition of make up and polishes every few months, and maybe because we know that the collection is about to be sold in a matter of days, or because the colors are just that great, we all love those LE's.
This one: Crazy about colours  is a cheerful, hippy collection with lots of bright colors as the name suggested.
I got only green polish (with a hint of blue undertone), since I'm green-and-blue-polishes-addict and it's called Crazy me.


December 9, 2010

New Age

New Age mini polishes can be found in a little baskets on the counter of many drugstores. They are ridiculously cheap, about 1$, so I thought they can't be any good. I was, once again, wrong. These have full opacity in one thicker coat, and the colors are... colorful! Not only those boring (to me) reds and roses, you can also find bright yellow, blue, green, purple... Two cremes that I own (yellow and blue) are more pigmented than any polish I have so far seen available on Croatian market. I'm in love!
And for someone like me, who loves to have at least 50 different colors of nail polish, AND not to go bankrupt, they are perfect investition.
So, New Age Yellow (they don't have names or numbers, that's a minus):

 The color is true yellow, without an orange note that will make your hands look like you painted it with an egg yolk. I was so delighted with the color, until I walked into public transportation bus and saw that all the bars are exactly the color of my nails :)
Then I added blue stars and arrows to make them little more unique.


December 7, 2010

I would like to be him...

If I could choose what I'd like to be in a second life, I would become my cat. He's loved, fed, tucked in bed at night and can have every female cat in the neighbourhood... :))


Zoya Veruschka

This is Zoya Veruschka from Zoya Winter Matte collection from 2009.
I love Zoya's matte colors, Veruschka is my fav so I bought it first, but I'm also waiting for Harlow to come to me (I ordered it from ebay a week ago). They both look amazing with top coat, and they chip less with it, but for today I just painted quick 2 coats of Veruschka (it dries superfast!) without TC.

The actual color is not as cold, altough it's a very deep dark green color. Beautiful polish!!


December 5, 2010


After saying that Golden Rose Paris 221 polish makes my hands look so elegant, of course I had to ruin it! :))

 Wake your inner child and enjoy the rest of the day!


December 3, 2010

Golden Rose

Golden Rose's nail polish are terribly underrated considering their quality, colors and style.
They have few nail polish lines, like: Paris, Protein Nail Lacquer, Care&Strong, Holographic and Scale effect. I'm dying to get my hands on Holos and Scales, but unfortunately in Croatia's Refan shops you can only get 'regular' ones.
But these regulars are also amazing! Great colors, lovely looking bottles and easy application.
For now I have three polishes from Paris collection: Pale purple, Dark shimmer purple and Japanese red. I gave them the names, in case you're wondering... :)  They only have numbers and that's a little boring for me.
So, today I'm showing you Pale purple, a.k.a number 221:

The color is pale purple, altough not as pale and cold as it looks in the photo. Add just a little bit of Barbie pink in your mind and that should do it. On my olive toned dark skin it looks just perfect, and this is the only polish that makes my hands look classy and aristocratic white so I adore it!
Here's another photo:

Do you own any Golden Rose polishes?


November 30, 2010

Lapis Amethyst with winter stamping

It's cold out there. Not that I would know. I'm at home studying with food supplies for three days and I'm not planning to go outside and feel the cold for myself.
But, since my Win7 gadget shows me it's 2 degrees outside, that inspired me to give my nails this 'wintery' look:

The photo is a bit blurry, but I don't have enough time to photo my nails 'till it's perfect, like I said, I have to study. Exam is tomorrow, wish me luck!

And stay warm :)


November 28, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms

I love duochrome nail polishes, and Lapis Amethyst is one of them. Sally Hansen has a great line called Nail Prisms with 'rainbow in every bottle'. I've got three polishes from Prisms: Garnet Lapis (my favourite, dark blue-violet duochrome), Pink Rose Diamond (pinky holo) and this one.
They are all pretty sheer, so they need 3-4 coats, but it's worth it.
So meet Lapis Amethyst:

It's a light to medium blue duochrome that has violet reflection in certain positions. And that violet is sooo hard to capture, frrom 50 pics, I got it on one!
So from vibrant blue:

To baby blue:

And finally that hard-to-get violet:

I love that violet shimmer, and it's pretty visible in low light environment, so with a flash or a lamp light it hides away.
What do you think of Nail Prisms, do you have any, how are you satisfied with their quality?


November 26, 2010

Essence Metallics

It's a bit late for this post, since new Essence collection is already in stores, but never the less:
Essence Metallics collection: Iron Goddess.

I find this polish perfect since it's a manicure in only one layer, done in about 5 minutes, and classy enough to go anywhere. Of course, that's after you find the perfect magnet. The one that Essence sells is wasted money, since it's too weak to make the pattern. I tried with every single magnet from my fridge, and some of them were quite good. This one on the photos is my favourite. It leaves only two or tree large stripes depend on how long the nail is and when done gives the feeling of 3D on the nail.

I bought Iron Goddess and Nothing else metals and love them both!


November 21, 2010

Too early for Christmas?

Ok, I admit I got a little bit carried away...
Forgive me if it's too glittery, trashy and so on, but I just have to post this manicure :)

This is the second franken that I made, it was supposed to be clear base with green glitter, but somehow polish absorbed all the green color from glitter and became a green jelly. Cool, I don't have any jelly so far.
But, it turned out to be too jelly, or should I say sheer as hell, so after four thick coats I could still see my nail line. So I added a konad design to cover it.

Did I suceed, or is this too much?


November 18, 2010

Octagonal manicure with She 230

Here's another Bundle Monster plate.
This one has little octagons and it looks like a net overall. As a base I used She 230, and for stamping some old thick purple no name polish. Conclusion: every polish that is thick enough and pigmented enough can be used fo stamping.

I would definitely recommend you to buy BM fauxnad stamp plates. First: they are much cheaper than Konad, (6$ minimum for one Konad plate, and less than 20$ for 21 BM plates) , and second: even if they're not perfect, they do have some original ideas and variety is always good.


November 17, 2010

Turtle konad

Since I promised I will be back to post very soon, here I am!
Did you miss me already :))

Here's my new manicure with OPI Gargantuan Green Grape which is great nail polish by color, but not by formula. It's preety sheer so it took 3 thick coats to get the color similar to one that's in the bottle.
I wanted to introduce this warm autumn to my nails and stamp leaves on them, but seems like my Bundle Monster plate refused to cooperate so I stamped this flowers.
My boyfriend saw them and listen what he came up with:  "They look great! Are those supposed to be turtles?" When he saw me frowning he changed the story: "Oh, no, I know: dinosaurs, right?", he proudly announced...
So my idea of a warm green autumn remained only in my head, obviously...

That's it for today. I'll take my turtles for a walk...


Hello everyone!

I'm just starting to write, and at this moment I'm not really sure what to say. Soon you will see many photos of my nail polishes and manicures, but right now I think I'll start with some of my old photos, some manicures that made me do my blog in the first place.

This is one of the first manicures I did. This was few years ago: my nails are still egg-shapped and picture is blurry, but at that time I thought the idea was great, it was done with Scotch tape .
Here are some more Scotch tape ideas:


After that, I started to play with my nails a little more often, grew them longer  and shaped them a little bit more angled. That was aproximately a year ago.
Here are some animal inspired ideas:

My nails are pink leopard, and I did for my friend blue zebra.

These are my zebras. I apologize for the low quality of my pics, but when I tokk a picture of these nails I didn't have a clue they were gonna be in my blog someday :)

Next  I'm gonna show you some random manicures that I find among my best ones:

As you can see, as I approved my manicure skills, the photos became better too.

Last, but definitely not the least, in fact I find it to be my best manicure EVER:

So, that's very short summary of my nail-story. I'm sure that all of you who are reading this know how easily you can get addicted and obsessed with nail polishes, manicures, konad and fauxnad designs etc.
Since this is my first post I won't make it any longer than it already is, but I'll add something very, very soon.

Bye to you all,