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December 23, 2011

Christmas mani

I used: China Glaze Jolly Holly, my favourite X-massy green.
I stamped holly with Bundle Monster plate no. 14.

Merry Christmas everyone!


December 16, 2011

Day 21. Inspired by BLUE

I was truly inspired this time!
As soon as I saw the theme I instantly had an idea: each nail different, but all including dark blue Pure Ice French Kiss.

Lets start from the thumb: half of the nail theme color and the other half Basic Beauty no.71.
Point finger: half of the nail  Hot Topic medium blue matt polish with the other half in the theme color.
Middle finger: theme color as a base and Essence Blue Addicted on top.
Ring finger: China Glaze Sea Spray with theme dots. By the way I looove Sea Spray and I recommend it to all light blue lovers- one coater with stunning shimmer...
Pinky: just theme color.

The result is a bit complicated, but special mani. So many people noticed it and I always take it as a good sign.

What's your opinion? Is it too much?
Did I put on too many polishes or do they fit in just fine?
Please comment more, dear readers, even if you don't like it, I'll take it as an advice and try to improve next time, but without comments I might start to think noone reads this littlle blog of mine :(
And special thanks to the ones who comment regularly, they'll know who I'm talking to...


December 15, 2011

Day 20. (The worst ever) Water Marbled Nails

Hello again!

I decided I just wasn't talented for WM... :(
I tried four times and each time it gets worse, not better! Since the task was WM I gave it another try.

Now I wish I hadn't...
Apart from cleaning the whole mess after: polish stuck up everywhere, on my fingers, below the nails, on the desk and so on..., the final result was so bad I almost decided not to even show it to you.

But since the challenge must be done, and I have no intention of repeating WM (not ever again in my life), I'm showing you this tiny photo of it, just so you can get the picture of what I'm talking about.

Remember: I'm NOT proud of this! :)


December 13, 2011

Day 19. Galaxy nails

When I completed this mani and told my boyfriend I did galaxy nails, he asked me: which galaxy? I almost smacked him with a hammer :)
But after he saw them he said these were the best nails he's ever seen on me... I was so pleased, especially since this idea came to me out of nowhere.

This is supposed to be our galaxy, including Solar System . On the thumb we can se the Sun and closest planets. On point and middle finger planets that are further away from the Sun, and on ring and pinkie finger the rest of the galaxy including far away stars and star nebulas.

Of course, it's not easy to put a whole galaxy on my five little nails, but I think I got the point, do you? :)

As a base I used Essence I love my jeans (perfect one coater black with tiny silver shimmer) on which I stamped  with Sally Hansen Chrome polish. For sparkles and nebula I used Milani Blue Flash and Milani Gems as well as silver shimmer polish from Smart Girls Get More.

Oh, and I also started to shape my nails back to square-ish. I like them better this way and I felt they were strong enough and they won't break  like they used to... They're not all even because it's hard getting from totally oval nails to totally square without clipping half of the nail's length, but I'll get there soon!


December 10, 2011

Day 18. Half moons

Now something according to my taste, after that glittering mani that really wasn't my style.

Half moons with one of my favourite colors: China Glaze Jolly Holly from last year's Christmas collection.
I wanted that polish since I first saw it, but I didn't satisfy my whim and order it right away, no, I thought the love would not last... But it did and I got it few months ago in a swap.
This is the first time I'm showing it to you, but the third time I'm wearing it.

It's perfect shade of deep green with multicolored shimmer (you can see that really good on the photos taken in the sun).
For half moons I used She 230.

 And in the sun...
I can't decide if I like it better in the shade or in the sun. What do you say?

 I love how this combo looks Christmas-like. Especially with this Advent wreath we have on our dining table. The colors fit just perfect!

I'm sorry I didn't post for so long, but I had some family situations and it was impossible for me to spend an hour cropping photos, writing post and writing few meaningful words.

Hello to my new followers as well!


December 5, 2011

Day 17. Glitter

I don't own many glitters since I only wear those for some celebrations and events like New Year's Eve. I hate taking it off. Altough I know there are techniques to remove the glitter, it's easier to put on some other polish than strugle with glitter!

But since the challenge told glitter, I had no choice but to take out one of my few glitters and remove the dust from it.
Milani Blue Flash, or One Coat Glitter  is really dense, almost one coater. But I did two, anyway. I also added darker blue glitter polish from Yolizul. It didn't change the color at all, it just added some depth.