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June 27, 2012

I'm a Berliner with rhinestones

Summer sun hit me in the head so I wanted to express my summer madness with an apprpriate mani.

I put on Essence I'm a Berliner, a bright Granny Smith apple color, but somehow it wasn't enough.
I added some multicolor rhinestones that I bought on ebay.
I wanted to do each nail different.

I liked the result in the end, but I think the multicolor design would be more suitable for a white base polish.


June 20, 2012

Blue Spectraflair franken

I bougt Spectraflair a lon time ago, but this is only the second franken I made with it.
I guess I don't want to waste the precious powder :)

I seriously don't know anymore which polishes I used, but I know it was the same recipe that's used for all holo frankens: half bottle of clear nail polish, half bottle of random blue polish and two straws of Spectraflair....

I hope you like the result!


June 18, 2012

Tapestry mani

So as you remember. I was grumbling about how I dislike China Glaze Fast Track with my skin tone...

These days I'm studying hard, I have only five exams 'till the end of my college and I'm determined to give them ASAP.
But since I'm no robot and I can't study more than one hour at once, I have to make small pauses.

So... I decided to upgrade the polish.
First day I stamped it with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, which is a great one-coat matte polish. And since it's pigmented well, it's good for stamping, too.
Second day I added purple tips with scotch tape with Golden Rose Matte 07 polish. That's also a great one coater that has an astonishing color, that I didn't accomplish to present in all it's glory.

However, as lovely as it is, it also has the problem all matte polishes have: huge tipwear second day.

Here's the mani. I named it tapestry, since it reminds me of those old pieces that I used to see hanging on the walls in old houses.


June 15, 2012

China Glaze Fast Track

Considering I'm just finishing the third novel of The Hunger Games trilogy, I decided to put on a convenient polish.

I was completely blown away with China Glaze's The Hunger Games collection. For the first time this year I wanted to buy almost every polish there (except for that awful frosty gray and orange foil).
 In the end, after recalculating, I decided I really need just this one since I don't have anything like it in my collection. And the collection is getting to big, around 200 polishes, so I don't go buying everything I like at instant because that way there would be too many similar colors for my taste.

I also wanted to buy Agro, but I didn't find any comparison photos, does any of you know how (un)similar it is to China Glaze Jolly Holly?

I present you : District 6 (transportation): Fast Track

In the sun:

And in the shade:

And one more thing: I hate my skin tone, it totally killed the beauty of this polish!

It's assimilated with my skin color and all you can really see is the golden shimmer :(


June 12, 2012

Essence You Belong To Me with silver shimmer


Today I did mint nails for nail contest on Croatian forum.
Since I shown you Orly Gumdrop few posts ago, and that's my number one mint polish, I chose the second best for today: Essence You Belong To Me.

On its own it seemed a little plain, and I experienced bubbles (damned thick base coat I should throw away!) so I put one coat of beautiful silver shimmer from Smart Girls Get More to cover it.
Unfortunatelly the sticker from SMGM polish has been lost so I don't know the number of the polish, and I surely would like to know it, since that's the best shimmer I own. If some of you have this polish and know the number, please write it in the comments.


June 9, 2012

All Hail The Queen with stamping

Altough I love this polish, after two days I decided to stamp over it.
I used one of the new Bundle Monster plates and Manhattan black polish.

I just want to discuss one matter about this polish.

I named yesterday's post All Hail McQueen, but when I checked the sticker on the bottle later, I saw that my version was named All Hail The Queen. I was confused, but google helped, as usual :)

Very first version of this polish was introduced in 2010. and was named All Hail McQueen, but due to copyright and other (unfamiliar to me) legal issues they had to change the name. Some who have the old version of this polish say that Butter London only put new sticker over the old one, so when you remove it you'll see McQueen instead of The Queen.
I haven't bothered with checking under my polish's sticker.
All I know is that the polish is one and the same.


June 8, 2012

Butter London All Hail The Queen

I'm presenting you the most gorgeous polish in my collection: Butter London All Hail The Queen.

If I had to choose just one polish that could fit any outfit and I could wear in any occasion, it would be this one. Subtle enough not to pop out, suitable for wearing at work or at free time, but still interesting enough to be noticeable.

It has tiny holo particles that glow in the daylight, but not enough to be called pure holo polish.
The base color is dark beige, but has some duochrome effect that makes the purple glow appear at certain angles. I tried to capture the purple in it, but it's hard.

Another thing I adore is the fact that it suits my skin tone so well. Altough at some of the swatches on the internet it appears to be brown on pale skined girls, on my skin it looks almost nude.

This is three coats and it's a slight darker than my skin, but at two coats it's perfect nude for me.

 What I also love about this polish is it's package. I love the simple, but stylish square bottle, and he fact that the square cap can be removed so the bruh is easy to handle.

I also love the brand name: Butter London. It suits the polish since the application is butter-like.

 Here's a photo in the shade. All the rainbow particles become dim and the polish looks like silk.

 And here's the photo of the whole hand just to show you how well it goes with my tan.


June 4, 2012

Orly Fowl Play

I have a long longed polish to show you today! :)

Orly Fowl Play was on my wishlist from the moment I saw it. But when I got it, as usual, the thrill didn't last.
You can call me spoiled, but I really don't want a beautiful polish to be a pain in the ass to apply.
It took three coats to achieve bottle color and an eternity to dry.
So I applied Poshe. Of course, it pulled the polish of my tips and shrinked it 1 mm from the cuticles. And then I applied a fourth coat to even it out.

All in all: great color, the flakies are just adorable. But would I buy it again or recommend it? No.