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October 27, 2011

Day 9. Rainbow nails

This is the most complex mani I've done in a while...
I used 13 polishes!
In the order of usage:
Sally Hansen Nailgrowth miracle base coat
OPI No Room For The Blues (blue base)
Yolizul 321 (dark red)
Deborah 7 day long 161 (red)
Astor Mikado 30 (orange)
New Age no name Yellow
Look by Bipa no.17 Frog (green)
Essence Chacalaca (dark blue)
Smart girl get more  Glitter/shimmer top coat
Catrice Up to 10 days Top coat

Phew! I had a hard time just typing it all down :)
First I did two coats of OPI and then with liner brush from Essence's tip painter polish I drew thin lines of each color. The result seemed a little uneven to me so I added a shimmering top coat to cover it up a bit.

I really enjoyed doing this mani and wearing it!
I got all sorts of comments, let me mention a few of them:
"Oh, are you planning on going to Love parade?" :)
"What's that supposed to be? Rainbow? I don't think so. Which rainbow has brown in it?"
"Is this like a symbol for resistors? " - friend engineer
" Oh, look at you serious girl with cheerful nails! " - a man on the street

This is also a mani I've been wearing for the longest time: for five whole days, and going towards sixth!

What does this remind you of? I hope rainbow, since that was the idea. But I'd like to hear if there's something else you see in this pattern...


October 23, 2011

Day 8. Metallic nails with Essence Metallics

From the day I saw this LE collection from Essence: Metallics I fell in love with magnetic nail polishes.
The pattern you can get, the depth, the complexity and all that within just few seconds and with a simple tool such as a magnet...
I'm trully impressed. And the good thing is every magnet leaves a different pattern.

I recently discovered this jewel on my fridge and I think it leaves so much better pattern that original Essence magnet. Original magnet is weak and leaves a totally uninspiring pattern.

All this reviews were made before, when this LE collection first came out, but I'm just repeating some advices if you haven't already heard them.

Later Essence introduced magnetic polishes as a part of their regular stash, but from what I've heard, the magnetic effect is far more dull and there aren't as many metal particles as in these old LE ones.

Now the downsides: altough this mani is perfect if you are leaving the house soon, because it's done in a few minutes, (no base or top coat, just one layer), unfortunatelly it easily gets tipwear.
These photos were taken in the afternoon and I did the mani in the morning. You can already see a noticeable tipwear!

Of course you can put a strong top coat over the polish, but that doesn't change the fact that it's easily taken off. Unlike other Essence polishes that endure at least two days without tipwear.

Do you own 'new' magnetics polishes from Essence's regular stash?
What do you think of them? Can you compare them with the old Metallics gang? :)


October 21, 2011

Day 7. Black and white nails

I was really looking forward to this day because I just looove black and white combos, they look so elegant and classy.
For this combo I used, as always, my old black Manhattan polish (best black I've tried so far) and a new white one. I recently went mad because all of my lighter polishes are too thin and not visible for stamping. Since I  refuse to buy expensive Konad stamping polishes I decided to try an alternative: Essence's small stamping white polish.

At first I didn't know how to use it. I pressed the design with the stamp too hard and the print was blurry. The thing is with those stamping polishes not to push the stamp too hard on the plate nor on the nail. And you have to be quicker than with regular polishes, as well.

Here's what I did.
But I have to admit I messed up the other hand completely, untill I got the grip with the stamping polish. :)


October 19, 2011

Day 6. Violet nails with Misa Dreamy Purple

I tried once before to catch the true color of this violet (not purple, as the name suggests) polish, but failed misserably. The violet  becomes dark blue on my poor little camera.

So, this time I was catching sun to show the real color, and that's why my hands may look reddish, but at least I am satisfied with color accuracy this time.

I would like to point out that the color is just a bit more violet and less blue.
But here's how it looks in the shade on my camera: pure blue.

Later I added some rhinestones, but the sun was setting down so the color is also blueish here.

However, I'm loving this polish. Good application (two coats), wonderful and rich violet color with tiny purple and blue microshimmer. But it's NOT photogenic! :)


October 17, 2011

Day 5. Blue nails with Essie Smooth Sailing

Smooth... Well this is how this polish feels like. It looks rough and textured, but it's smooth when you touch it. It looks like it has little glass pieces captured in it. I love the way it looks deep. Just like the smooth waveless sea...

This color leans towards purple much more than it appears on the photos. I almost decided to leave this one for Violet day, but when I saw it on my photos I left it here, where I originally meant to post it.

 This is the kind of color that goes great with jeans. I was wearing jeans and a blue shirt today so I took this photo. Doesn't it look good together?


October 14, 2011

Day 4. Green nails with Zoya Gemma

Ahhh, finally my kind of day!

And a new polish I got in yesterday's mail: Zoya Gemma. I wanted Gemma since I first saw it and got it from a blog sale.

I can say that it fulfilled my expectations, the color is awesome and the blue shimmer is pretty visible on the nail.
I didn't like the fact that it took it three layers for full opacity since it's Zoya, and the other polishes I own from Zoya are more opaque.
But I forgive it because the color is amazing: pale medium green with icy blue shimmer that makes the polish look cold.  Perfect for these cool autumn afternoons...

From swatches on the net I thought it would look similar to Essence Barefoot through the moss (minus the shimmer), but Gemma is darker than Essence and has more blue in it, while Essence leans toward olive green.

Any other green lovers out there?


October 10, 2011

Day 3. Yellow nails with Juliana Nails 154

I don't know if it's this depressing weather or the fact that the summer is finally over, or the people around me, but I'm in awfully bad mood.  :(
Gloomy weather, blue mood, but cheerful nail polish color: yellow!

On to the photos, I have no inspiration what to write. I feel there's a big change about to happen in my life, and I can't really decide what is that supposed to be. New boyfriend? Ending college at last? Finding a real job?
All that scares me...

On to the polish:

On this pale october sun my hands look deadly gray, and the nail polish color is also a bit muted.
It's actually a nice color, something between yellow and caramel. Reminds me of something that ran away from Twix or Kinder Bueno commercial.
I don't like visible brush strokes, but nobody's perfect, huh?

I hope I will regain some of my good mood 'till the next post. :)


October 5, 2011

Day 2. Orange Nails with orange franken

Hello my dear readers!

Today it's time for orange. Another problem for me, since I have only three orange polishes. Seems like only day 4 and 5 were made for me :)
Since I've shown all my orange polishes to you I decided to make a franken with Spectraflair. Since I'm not a huge fan of orange (altough I like it much better than red) I didn't want to use too much of that valuable dust.
I added just one straw spoonful of it to Vollare orange polish.

I really like the result. The holo effect is still visible, but the color hasn't changed a bit. I could do that with other polishes I got tired of.

 Here's one photo in the shade. I love the way holo dust looks in the shade, like plain white microglitter. It smoothens this bright orange and adds depth to the polish.

That's it for today.
Can't wait yellow nails :)