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December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Sorry I'm late for my Christmas felicitation, but better late than never. I was visiting my parents and I don't have internet connection over there so I didn't get the chance to post this mani untill now.

As a base I used the one and only, the best Christmas polish ever: China Glaze Jolly Holly.
I put this polish on every Christmas since it was released.

The color reminds me of Christmas tree so I stamped them on and created decorations with rhinestones.
I really love it, I find it to be perfect for holiday spirit!


December 21, 2012

Golden red Christmas nails

Hello, my dear readers!

I'm continuing with the Christmas mood.
I don't know what's gotten into me lately, I've never been so obsessed with Xmas motives and decoration. I guess I thought the world was gonna end today, so I should use what's left of my time :)

This time I'm wearing red. Not one of my favourite colors, but definitely an Xmas color.
Deborah 161 + Yolizul red glitter (doesn't have a name,sorry) is a base and golden glitter is Milani Gold.


December 19, 2012

Another Xmas mani

I'm so in Christmas mood this year, I pick only "holiday" colors and stamps.
This time I used a Look by Bipa polish in green-gold color. Oddly, this polish doesn't have a name. I own few Look  by Bipa polishes and they all have a name on the sticker, but this one hasn't. I haven't been able to google it out.

Does any of you own this polish, and do you perhaps know its name?

It reminds me of China Glaze Agro, which I've planned to buy, but never got to it. This is a cheap replacement and I love it. One coat and good resistance (three days without tipwear with Essence BTGN top coat).

For stamping I used, as always, Sally Hansen Chrome polish, and added a red rhinestone to highlight the holiday spirit.


December 15, 2012

Winter, snow, holidays, etc.

Last weekend it snowed so much in my city that I couldn't go anywhere. My car was stuck under 40 cm of snow and I couldn't go to work so I had to find some way to amuse myself :)

All the snow outside made me pick my favourite white polish: Flormar 120.
I know I probably mentioned how much I love it before, but I must do it once more: it has a milky, creamy structure and has tiny, almost invisible microshimmer that makes it look soft, and not chalky like a wall paint.

Then I added some winter motives with BM plates and decorated them with two way nail art pens.

Do you like them?


December 8, 2012

First Xmas nails this year!

Xmas nails! :)

It's a little to early to do a holiday mani, but here's the explanation:

I used China Glaze Fast Track for the second time since  purchased it. And for the second time  I conlcuded that it doesn't go well with my skin tone.
So I added scotch tape triangular in Essence All Acces.
While doing it, all that sparkle and shine reminded me of Christmas so I put an accent on my ring finger with Mavala Madrid. Since it wasn't sparkly enough, compared to other nails, I added some no name red glitter polish.

 In the daylight (but no sunshine):


December 4, 2012

P2 Elegant (new version) with stamping

I once fell in love with P2 Elegant polish.
And I told my friend to get it when she was going on a trip to Germany.
I expected this color:
P2 elegant (Parokeets blog)
Instead I got this one.
P2 changed the colors of the polishes, but left the same names. Extremely ignorant if you ask me. 
But I'm glad.
If it wasn't for the confusion in names I would never get my hands on this polish.
This is the best, THE BEST nude of my life. I wish all nude and white-ish polishes had this kind of formula.
It's so easy to put on, it's opaque in just one layer and lasts for days without tipwear.
I love the color, and it's the perfect nude for my yellow-ish skin tone.

With flash:

 Outside on an awful cloudy day: