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March 29, 2011

Strawberry nails

It's time for summer mani! Altough the rain was falling down all day yesterday, I was feeling good because I finally managed to steal some time  free from obligations. I spent three hours shopping with my friend (and found nothing), we ate cakes in the best patisserie in Zagreb and I was a new person.

That's where the idea for manicure came from: something sweet!

 The yellow base is Juliana nails polish in color 154. I never heard of this brand untill my friend got this polish for me (thanks!). It was a bit frosty so I added a top of Essence Matt top coat which removed brush strokes perfectly!

I'm once again repeating myself: if you have a nice shade of polish, but the finish is frosty, pearl, or metallic with visible brush strokes, just put on one layer of matt top coat and it will look perfect!

Then I added these sweet strawberries in red and green.
Have you ever tried two or more colors stamping?

I like the way it looks on my nails, this pale yellow with matt top coat, almost like I have some kind of plastic nails.


March 27, 2011

Something different....



When I started this blog, I wanted to post everthing that makes my life richer, whether it's a photo of my cat dreaming in the sun, new mani that made me happy or random swatches of make up.
Of course, I wanted it to be mainly nail polish blog, but every now and then something will inspire me like this and you will not only be watching my nails  :)

In the near of my house there's a forest with swamps. Every spring frogs are mating in them. You can tell by the sound they make, like a distant rumbling or passing train. And when you come near the swamp you can see thousands of frogs' blue heads making crowd and bubbles.

Yes, I wrote it right, blue frogs's heads. Fact is, when this frog specie mates, the male frog becomes blue. It's amazing, it amazes me every year like I see it the first time.

Here's the picture of a single horny male frog, plus my swatch of beautiful Zoya Shivon, but it's not the most noticeable thing in the photo   :)

And when I say this guy is horny, I mean it. The more prepared they are for mating, the more brighter blue they are.
This guy, on the other hand, caught his girl, and he's not that blue, he's already turning back to his natural color.
Girls are always brown, they don't change colors. And just look how firm he's holding her. I have a feeling her big belly is gonna burst!

I hope you'll like these photos as much as I do. I'm a real animal lover and no animal is discustful to me, especially not these beautiful creatures. Of course, I let them go as soon as I took these photos.
Altough I usually get yucks and ughs, I thought it would be fun to show them to you, my dear readers :)

And just a word of Zoya Shivon: purple/rose duochrome base with golden shimmer. Very unique color and changes a large spectre of colors, depends of the angle and the light. I like the purple-ish side of this polish, but I don't really like coral/bronze side.


March 26, 2011

Orly Gumdrop

It's really a gumdrop. Literally!

I never had creme mint polish that applied so easy, and I tried a lot of them, since it's my favorite color!
And no matter how my hand shaked (too much work=too much coffee) and how rough the surface of my nails was (mental note: must buy new buffer block) it was flawless when it dried!

I'm amased. I got the bottle color in two quick coats, second coat was very thick, but not a single bubble escaped from this perfect Orly formula!

Look at the pics and enjoy this sunny spring day.

Last picture was taken in shade to show you the greener side of this polish.

Do you like it?
I LOVE it! :)


March 24, 2011

Smart girls get more... Black Holo! (95)

I never heard of this brand untill my roommate (who's not very into polishes) came to me one day with this jewel!!!

She bought it not knowing what it does, how it goes crazy in sunlight! But I knew right away how precious it is...
*my prrrrecious...*

So after few times wearing it, and no sun outside, today is the lucky day, sun is bright and strong, and I finally got the chance to take a photo of it. Unfortunatelly I just finished a manicure on my hands, but I was wearing Black Holo on my feet so I had to take a photo of my toenails.

Here's the bottle:

This photo above shows it's holo effect best.

And here it is how it looks on my toes:

Can you see beautiful holo effect on the last photo? It is quite visible, but somehow, camera always wants it to be just plain old black :)

And I haven't mentioned the best part: the price! It's les than 2 $ for 5,5 ml.


Amazing giveaway!

I never wrote a post about a  giveaway, but when I saw this giveaway I was speachless!

Just look how many awards are there!

Varnish Vixen really did an amazin job collecting all these polishes and giving them away! I hope she will get many more followers by the end of the giveaway!

Here are the prizes:

Complete Katy Perry collection
China Glaze Holographicpolishes
Mac Wonder Woman
Some BB couture polishes
Some RBL polishes
Illamasqua Scorn
Bunch of polishes that have been swatched once

I think it's a great thing to send away swatched polishes that you don't like anymore. Someone would kill (me) for them even though if you don't like it.

I wish there were more giveaways like this (sigh!).

Thank you Varnish Vixen...


March 23, 2011

Essence Summer of love- Always Hippie

This collection was released in summer 2009., so it's pretty old, but I got this polish just now. It was opened before and I was surprised to see that the polish was as good as new, it wasn't thick or dryed.

The color itself didn't excite me at all, and when I saw brush strokes I thought I'd take it off immediately.
But I decided to add a pattern with Bundle Monster plates to see if I could hide the strokes.

And I think it worked quite well, don't you think? I also added a thick coat of Poshe to even it out.

I might even wear this for two or three days.

The polish has metallic finish as you can see in the last photo and it's pretty opaque in only one coat.

Now that I've found a way to hide brush strokes, I'm thinking of trying some old polishes with frosty finish or visible brush strokes.
Have you tried frostys with matte top coat yet? I's an excellent way to make them 'wearable'.


March 22, 2011

Golden Rose 220

I totally love this purple polish with fine purple and rose shimmer!
Altough I'm not a super fan of purples (I like violet better) I like to own a few nice ones. This one is great, let's start with application. Lately I tend to have many bubbles, I guess it's because my base coat is getting more dense and then to even it out I add thicker coats and they bubble.
That wasn't the case with this beauty, I put it on without problems, drying time was great and durability aven better.

Yesterday I got in one of 'those' moods so I cleaned bathroom, kitchen and myself (washing hair always gets me chipping). I don't have tip wear, only minor chipping on two nails.

But enough talk, let's see it:

Plus, I got addicted to wearing one small rhinestone from rhinestone wheel  that I bought from Bornpretty, usually on my ring finger.
It 'lifts' up regular mani and gives the final touch.
I was very surpsrised to see that with thick amount of top coat it doesn't lift up and could last for at least a week. Of course, I have to change my polish every three days, so I wouldn't know :)

Do you own rhinestones? Do you put them on often?
Only thing I don't like is when someone puts too much of them, in different colors too, it looks rather cheap, doesn't it? Reminds me of false nails and acrylics...


March 20, 2011

Essence Undead?

This polish is from last year's Essence Eclipse collection inspired by Twilight saga.

I'm not much of a fan, but I had to have this polish. I usually dig dark colors and this is dark, blackish base with purple glitter. I wish only that there were more glitter, but I love it anyway.

Also, the glitter is very hard to capture on photos, so it's visible only on the roots of  nails, but it's quite visible in person. It makes polish look like very dark violet, black only in poor light.

I gave this polish few opportunities, but every time I put it on, I have chippings only few hours after that. Second day I either have to remove it or use my old trick: put this BM pattern on tips to hide chippings (it works every time if I don't have time to do all mani from beginning).

So, Undead? is great color, but poor quality, to what we're not used  from Essence.


March 15, 2011

Milani Silver Dazzle

How about some sparkle? :)

That's all folks!

Just a short post since my obligations at college are getting really hard...

Thanks to all the new followers and thanks for leaving comments!

Kisses :)


March 13, 2011

Zoya Kotori

Zoya Kotori is excellent polish, but only for layering.
When I first got it, I regularly tried to get the bottle color so I did 4 or 5 layers, I don't even remember. That was Pre-Seche time, so after one and a half hour drying time, I went for a ride on my bike and f...ed up three nails. That made me so angry that I swore I'll never wear this polish again and I made a decision to sell it soon.

But, luckily, there are nail polish blogs and I found out that this polish is very good over any darker polish: green, blue, black, gray and then it's necessary to put only one coat to achieve bottle color.

So here it it, over Manhattan plain black polish:

I just love how crazy it shines!


March 12, 2011

Astor Mikado 06

I finally got my camera back!
And since it's so sunny out there, here's a cheerful spring-summer manicure with this underestimated polish: Astor Mikado in color 06 (I just hate when they don't have names, don't you?)
My nails are short and unpretty, but check out the color! (in love)

It's a pale blue color and from small distance it's visible that it has fine micro shimmer in great density. If it was just a bit lighter it would be similar to Chanel Riva.

I played with some of my stamping plates, in search of sea motives and this is what I got.

Is it too much? :)


March 9, 2011

So unfair... (Sephora Smurf)

I totally neglected my blog for some time now... But I do have an excuse, actually three of them: First, I had to borrow my camera to a friend, and he still hasn't returned it, that's the reason why I'm posting this shity pictures taken with cell phone. But I had to post anything, really, I hate when my blog shows the same photos for more than a week.
Secondly, my nails decided to have a conspiracy against me, they break all the time, I had to file them three times in a week!
And my last lame excuse is that I really had no time, even for posting these crappy photos.

So, now that I caught some time, I'm uploading these terrible photos, sorry once again for the qualitty.


I didn't catch that beautiful pinky-red shimmer in this dark brown polish, but check out this swatch at Vampy Varnish: Smurf.
This is a little (5 ml) polish by Sephora and at first I thought it has no name, since I coudn't relate small text saying Smurf with this brown polish. I found out it was really called Smurf only when I found that swatch from Vampy.

I love the color of the polish, it's rich brown without red tone, but with very fine redish shimmer. It goes well in only one coat, although I put two for the photos.
Unfortunatelly it lasted only two days and had very noticeable tip wear. So, quality for such a price (5$) isn't that good.

And one bonus picture of my mommy's nails with the same combinaton of colors:
(she has long and nice nails, better than mine, I should persuade her to have her own blog) :)

I hope I'll get my camera by the end of the week, so I can show you some mani's that I took photo of before I gave the camera to my friend.