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September 30, 2013

Blogging again

So, I had my time off because many things happened in my life.
I graduated, worked as a waitress while applying for a real job  (short, ugly, water-ruined nails) and then I finally got the job.
First couple of months I tried to learn as much as I could and all I did with my nails was to paint them (usually in a polish that took 1 coat, and that shortens the choise to 10 of my polishes at most) and apply quick dry top coat and hope they would last for a week, and then do it all over again for the weekend.

As I got used to my new job, there was more and more time for me and my manicures became what they used to be: konading, extravagant polishes and nail art.
Even my colleagues at work (all male) started to notice my nails and I got a number of compliments from the customers too.

So, after quite a while, here I am on my blog, too.
But I certainly won't post more than one mani a week, since I got used to having one from sunday to sunday.

Here I have Pure Ice French Kiss in two coats and two yellow stripes with nail art pen from ebay.