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April 25, 2012

Bourjois Beige Glamour

I wanted this kind of dirty pinkish color for a long time and I was so excited when I found it in a Bourjois Beige Glamour.
But when I put it on, it somehow didn't look good on me. I guess my skin tone just doesn't go well with it.

I wanted it to look something like this: Beige Glamour.
But I have too dark, olive skin and it doesn't look good.

I was so dissapointed that I sold it right away.    :(

Here's a photo in a natural light:

And here are photos with flash:

Can you se how it sort of tends to look nude on me, not at all what I expected.

So after aplying it I added some scotch tape decoration with Essence I Love My Jeans just to avoid the nude look.
That helped.

I can't tell you how much I love this Essence limited edition polish. It stood there, completely forgotten since I bought it, and when I recently got to the end of a bottle of my favourite black Manhattan polish, I thought: Why not give it a try with Essence?
And I was so pleased to see it covers in one easy coat and it's also perfect for stamping. Subtle silver shimmer is a plus for me, too.
I already spent a half of the bottle since I 'discovered' it.

What's your favourite one-coat black polish?


April 20, 2012

Rainbow stripes

Hi, my dear readers!

I'm glad you liked my previous mani so much, thanks for all the great comments!

This time it's something different. I'm 25 since yesterday, and this mani is something of a rebel against my age :)
Some would say it's not age at all, but I keep repeating to myself: 'Holy sh.., you're quarter of a century now!'
I don't want to become one of those now-25-and-retired people, I want to taste life, travel, and still go out and meet new people. And I strongly disagree with some of my friends that assure me you cannot do that with full time job. I will and I can!

This said, I will show you the pics:

As a base I used no name yellow polish that smells like wood-paint and covers in one easy layer.
For orange stripes: Astor Mikado 30 (orange)
For red stripes: Mavala Madrid
For green stripes: Bipa Frog
For light blue stripes: Catrice Blue Cara Ciao
For dark blue stripes: Pure Ice French Kiss

My roommate showed up with a bunch of baloons that matched my nails completely, how cool is that?


April 18, 2012

Sally Hansen Purple Diamond as a holo top coat

I got the idea on the croatian forum, where some girls put holo polishes on top of other polishes and got awesome holo effect. I tried it with Purple Diamond since it's the most visible holo polish I own, and it doesn't have strong color on it's own, that could 'kill' the base polish.

As a base I used Essence Chuck, one of the best Essence's polish. It's opaque in one smooth layer and dries in no-time.
I added just one coat of Purple Diamond and here's the result:

Unfortunatelly, these two last days there was no sunshine at all, so I got to enjoy the holo effect only under the artificial light.
Next time I'm watching the weather forecast before I put on a holo polish!


April 13, 2012

Black & white

Not having my own camera is killing me.
I have to borrow my roommate's, but she's always absent when I complete my mani, and by the time she gets back, I see a tiny imperfection or a tipwear and I don't want to take a photo anymore.

So for this mani I borrowed a camera the day before since I wanted it done properly, and captured while it's still without tipwear.

Today's mani was inspired with black & white. But since today is the last lecture of my life :(  I wanted to do something extraordinary. Not just stripes, or scotch tape mani or something with tip painter.

I wanted some konad design that would scream: I'm not old yet!
I can't tell you how depressing it is to know you won't have to sit and listen to the lectures and write exams anymore. Like someone has taken away my purpose in life.
The new part of my life is starting and I'm pretty scared.  :(

Enough babbling, on to the mani:

As a base I used Essence  I love my jeans, and for stamping Essence Stamping polish in white.

That's all my dear followers, and sorry for not posting so long...