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January 30, 2012

Day 28. Inspired by a flag

Irish flag because I love Ireland, because I'm going to Dublin this year and beacuse I was listening to Irish pub songs when I faced this challenge...

So here it is:

As a base I used Flormar 120. For green I used Bipa Frog and for orange Essence What do you think?

I'm not really sattisfied with the total look and that's why I did only two nails on each hand.
Frankly, I think it's the worst mani I did for this challenge :(


January 27, 2012

Day 27. Inspired by Artwork

I'm not much of an art person.
So when I faced this challenge I didn't have a clue what to do.

I tried to think of famous works of art that affected me in a way.
I instantly thought of Dali's twisted watches, Degas' ballerinas, Munch's Scream or Van Gogh's sunflowers. But none of those brouht any feelings for me, just distant recognition.

And then I remembered...
When I was on a school trip to Spain (sooo long ago, sigh!) we visited Joan Miro's museum. And there she was.

Painting on a White Background for the Cell of a Recluse. 

Now, I just want to say I'm usually quite fond of modern art, altough I don't quite enjoy it, I never mock it. But this painting brought out the worst in me. I stood there, laughing like hell, staring at a single black line on a big white piece of paper (canvas?) they call 'art'.

So in my memory of that fine day I was almost thrown out of the museum I present you:
Based on a work of art mani...



January 23, 2012

Day 26. Inspired by a pattern

Ever since I bought Essence's Dance, flakie top coat, I've wanted to do impression of my opal ring, and this theme was just perfect for that.

Here's my ring:

And here are the nails:

And here's the altogether look:

To create this special look I used Essence You belong to me, and when I applied it, still wet, I added irregular dots with Yolizul 187.
On top of all that I added two coats of Dance top coat.


January 19, 2012

Day 25. Inspired by fashion: Louboutin mani

I've seen girls doing Louboutin mani but I never considered doing it myself because my nails were never long enough. But they're finally doing better now so I gave it a try.

I started with two coats of Deborah 161 beneath the nail and then I did one coat of Manhattan's black on top of the nail. The result wasn't that well, as I saw later.

The red isn't all that visible because it's too dark. I should have painted some white polish underneath it to reduce the dullnes of black polish.

I tried to take a photo of the mani as best as I could, but I'm not satisfied. Here it is anyway.

The red is most visible on the last photo, so I put it altough it is blurry.


January 15, 2012

Day 24. Inspired by a (random) book

I wanted to do a mani in honor of my favourite book, Five Quarters of an Orange from my favourite author: Joanne Harris.

After three failures of drawing whole, halfs and quarterts of oranges and ending up with totally unrecognizable patterns, I gave up. I just couldn't do the mani I wanted. :(

As I didn't want any book but this for my inspiration I didn't have any back-up ideas and I just took random book I'was currently reading.

So, my inspiration for this mani was a book Virus from Molly Brown. I'm not into SF books, really, but this one I took to the class to read because it was small enough to fit in my bag. :)

The polish I used is Essence You Belong To Me (the name of this polish always reminds me of Lenny Kravitz and his beautiful song I Belong To You).
 The application of this polish is flavless: two smooth coats and a wonderful minty color is achieved.

For stamping the little 'viruses' I used Zoya Veruschka and one of old BM plates.


January 11, 2012

Day 23. Inspired by a song : Bed of Roses

Bon Jovi is my favourite band since I was a kid, of course it had to be one of their songs... Always, Living on a Prayer, Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, I'll be There For You, Born to Be My Baby, Living in Sin, Wanted Dead or Alive... All great songs, but not transferrable to nail design. So I chose a classic: Bed of Roses.

And immediatelly I had to face another problem: I have no silky white polish! In all my pretty large staff there's no white polish other than Stamping White polish from Essence. I'll have to correct that immediatelly. So please give me your suggestions: which white polish to buy? I want it to be opaque in one, or two coats and not to look like corrector. Some subtle shimmer would be nice...

So, instead of white silk sheets, my bed has pale pink sheets :)
Base color is Yolizul 188, and for the roses I used a bunch of old, thick polishes that I didn't even bother to remember.

Anyone else a Bon Jovi fan here?


January 7, 2012

Day 22. Inspired by a movie

Can anyone guess which movie is it?   :)

For base I used China Glaze Seaspray (just one coat!), for sea Catrice Pool Party at Night and for the fish Astor Mikado in orange color (no name).

Do you like it?
I think it turned out very pretty...


January 4, 2012

New Year's mani with a delay


Happy New Year to all of you!
I didn't have my laptop with me for these holidays because I wanted to spend some time with my family, without any distractions, that's why there's only been one mani on the blog in these past weeks.

But now I'm back and my camera holds some manis I wore those days and I'll be posting more regularly...

So let's start!

First I'm showing you my New Year's mani. I wanted to do something different, not just tons of glitter.
As a base I used wonderful polish from Avon called Violetta Sparkle. It's violet-purple polish with tiny golden flecks that add the dressy feeling neccesary for New Year's Celebration.

I couldn't capture the true beauty of this polish because my lousy camera refuses to take photos of purple-ish polishes... Imagine it a bit lighter and the golden flecks glowing like crazy.

I stamped a peacock with a Bundle Monster plate (I don't know the number but it's the old bundle) and then I added some glitter on a peacock's tail.

I hope you all had a good party. I was with my friend in an apartment and we mixed some coctails and danced untill dawn. I didn't make resolutions (like don't buy polishes you don't need, right!) because I don't regret anything I did in 2011.