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February 23, 2011

Zoya Veruschka better swatch

A while ago I posted photos of Zoya Veruschka, but I wasn't satisfied with them.
So here it is, again, in all it's beauty, Zoya Verushka, but with top coat so that the beautiful micro shimmer is visible.
Here it is in the sun:

And in the shade:

Firts picture is more accurate, so here are few more sunny pics:

I actually preffer this color with top coat, first because of forementioned micro shimmer, and second because with my new top coat Catrice Up to 10 days, this matte polish will hopefully last a little longer than the usual day and a half.
That's the only downside of this polish: quick chipping in matte version.

But the color is to die for, isn't it???


February 19, 2011

Maybelline Minty

I'm a huge fan of mint colors, and this one is the most perfect mint color of them all! Okay, I still have Orly Gumdrop to swatch, but it leans toward blue too much to be a true minty.
Yes, so the color of this Maybelline is awesome, BUT it's the most horrible  polish to put on, application is terrible... First coat is uneven, and that is expected with a color like this, but the problem with second and third layer is that they don't even the whole thing, but are more difficult to apply. This polish proudly says it's dry in 50 sec. Yes, that's true, but it starts to dry while you're applying it, so you have to be ubelievably quick and precise to put this polish on.
I'm polishing my nails for years now and I thought I can put any polish and make it look good, but this was quite a challenge.
I think I'll wear it only for special occasions, altough the color is sweet.

But enough about the down sizes, look at the beauty:

Who else is a fan of mint greens?
What are the other 'must-have' mint greens?


February 17, 2011

Some franken & stamping

Stamping with Bundle Monster. As I base I made a pale pink franken. Unfortunately it turned out to be too sheer, as for french mani, and I hate visible nail line on me, since I have uneven growth ( I have to, since my nail plates are sooo different, and I like my nails the same length). So I added whole nail image with China Glaze Ravishing Dahling which is excellent for stamping since it's highly pigmented.

Here's the result:



February 16, 2011

Catrice Lost in Mud

Since two of Catrice's colors look similar in the bottle: Lost in Mud and From Dusk 'till Dawn, I chose the darker one. But as soon as I swatched it, I knew I should have bought the other one. When I later tried From Dusk 'till Dawn, it was confirmed: it's way more beautiful, lighter gray with purple subtone... I'll buy it soon.

However, Lost in Mud is just as it's name says: muddy, brownish-gray with low-gloss finish. Just like I put my nails in a puddle of mud.    :)

Here are the photos:

And  one with a flash so you can se the brown in it:

Altough it looks like it has some purple in it on this photo, I assure you, it doesn't... If you think this color is unnoticeable, like I do, don't buy this one. Choose From Dusk 'till Dawn instead. From what I've seen on internet swatches it's the closest dupe to Chanel Particuliere in this price rank.


February 14, 2011

Revlon Perplex

And it's finally mine!

Now that I have it, I don't really like it that much    :(
What's all the fuss about this polish? Yes, the color looks great on the photos, and it's pretty durable, I can't complain. But something about it is just not that perfect as I hoped it would be.
Great expectations, I guess....

On to the photos:

Last photo is with flash.
After  I tried to compare it with other purples I have, I realized that it's not really comparable to purple, but muddy brownish-purple dark gray instead.

Now I want to hear your opinion on this 'ultimate' polish!


February 13, 2011

Golden Rose 217

As a true green-lover I buy almost every green polish that I see. This one attracted me as unique. It's basically green color, but it has very small amount of blue in it, too. My mobile phone kept taking it's pictures blue, but then again, my camera emphasized too much yellow undertone.

I beleive next picture show the color most accurately, but unfortunatelly, it's very blurry :(

This is for all green-lovers out there... I doubt anyone else will like this one.    :)


February 11, 2011

2 $ replacement for OPI Creme de menthe?

Since I first saw OPI Creme de Menthe I fell in love. But unfortunately, I'm not able to give 50 $ for a bottle of rare nail polish, so imagine my fortune when I saw this little beauty in a China shop!

Altough I never saw it in person, based on swatches I saw on the internet, I would say it's pretty close.
Anyone has Creme de Menthe? Tell me what do you think of my little chinese!!


February 8, 2011


First award I got in last few days is:
A blog with substance

I got this nice award from Illy from Girl stuff
, thank you dear! I also got it from Maybe's new start
The rules are simple:
1. Thank and link back to the giver of the award.
2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using 5 words.
Someday I'll rock nail world!
3. Pass it on to other bloggers that you feel have substance in their blogs.
Awards are on the end of my post...

Second award is:
Have a nice day
Thank you again, Illy from Girl stuff 
And this one also came from Maybe's new start!

There is only one rule for this blog, to send it to 5 blogs with less than 200 followers :) I like the promotion of new blogs :D
I only sent it to two blogs because these are my favourite and I don't have time to look for another three of them (exams), sorry!
 Ivana tagged me with this interesting award/poll...

7 things I have to do before I die:
* go babysitting (or some other student job) in USA or England for a year
* buy OPI DS Glamour and Unicorn pee
* get Jaguar
* love someone (not just fall in love)
* give my parents at least half of love and all the things they gave me
* cut my hair all the way, like Natalie Portman in that movie
* have something to talk to young folks, make some life experience

7 things I say all the time:
* čovječe (oh, man)
* bit će bolje (things will get better)
* kužiš (get it?)
* next time I'll start to learn before last moment comes
* I want!!! (when I see some new great must-have polish)
* a joj (oh dear)

7 things I'm good at:
* polishing my nails
* college
* singing
* giving advices
* drinking :)))
* reading
* buying online

7 flaws:
* I like to be smart-ass and rub it in your face (not proud of it)
* Lazy
*I can live in such a mess, but the one day I have to clean it top-to-basement like my life depends on it
* I hate my hair and nose
* Stubborn as hell
* I forget so easy!
* I'm like men, can't do two things at the same time :)

7 qualities:
* I love to smile.
* I try to give anyone a chance, it's up to them if they'll use it
* I don't judge and tend not to have prejudice
* I have photo-memory
* I looove animals
I award: 
Blogs with less than 200 followers:
Polish Drop
Thank you all once more, have a nice day!

February 7, 2011

She 305 + Scotch tape mani

I'm in such a good mood today, everything went well at college last week, altough it was a real tough week, maybe even the worst week in all of my history of studying. I slept four hours a day all week, but I did all that had to be done!

To celebrate I made a new mani with cheerful colors and slept for 13 hours :))

Here's She 305, really interesting color that looks pinky, but when I tried to find a matching shirt, it turned out to be everything but pinky, it looked more 'peachy' compared to 'real' pink colors.

But when I added purple half it turned back to pink:

And one last photo to show you beautiful purple shimmer on this no-name polish!


February 3, 2011

Kelier Crack Polish

A while ago I bought this from ebay for a few bucks. This was before crackle-mania with OPI started...
Today I want to show you, in my humble opinion, crackle polish that rocks even better than OPI & the rest crackle polishes I've seen! Sorry, OPI, but this one battle you lost, as far as I'm concerned. :)
I used She 230 as a base.

And this is why it rocks:

I'm really proud to have such a gorgeous polish in my collection. Look at the effect! Unlike OPI's scattered black pieces that look like they're thrown on the nail, this crackle reveals little, but beautifully shaped cracked lines. Like dry lands...

And one with the flash:

Flash stresses golden nature of She 230 that is not so visible in first two photos. Altough something like shy sun started to appeal in the sky, it did'n seem enough to wake She outside so I used flash inside.

All in all: I'm excited about this polish like a baby with a new toy (altough I have it for more than few months now). Just the fact that I got it for les than 6$ (shipping to Croatia included) makes me smile. Plus: I forgot to mention: it's so easy to apply: just bump on thick layer and wait five minutes. Ready. But it also requires thick coat of dry fast top coat, so my new Poshe helped me to seal this mani.

Which effect do you like best? OPI, IsaDora, Barry M., or this little thing?


February 1, 2011

Essence The one and only + BM stamping

I wanted to do something special for the occasion last week so this is what I did:

And a 'sunny' picture:

Anyway, I'm not satisfied.. Anytime I try to do something special it turns out pale and unoriginal...
This was two coats of The one and only (the worst polish to apply from Essence) plus Bundle Monster image for the whole nail. But when it was finished I still wasn't happy with it so I added shiny top coat that has micro glitter in many colors and it made a strange effect on the manicure, it was cold purple from one corner and warmer pinky-purple from another.

That's it from me, I have no inspiration lately, things are going pretty bad at college and I'm studying all the time so I'm half-crazy.