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November 9, 2011

Day 10. Gradient nails


Thank you guys very much for following. And sorry for my dissapearance last week!

It's just that these gradient nails gave me so much trouble. I did them three times 'till I was satisfied.
I didn't want to skip day 10. or post something else because I knew that would be the end of my challenge, I would never do it in that case.

So I tried and tried and finally came up with this:

I still don't get it why this easy mani was such a problem for me. In theory: just take the sponge and tap the polish.
In my case I either pushed too hard and the gradation was uneven or I chose too similar polish and the gradation wasn't visible at all!

I used these polishes, from lightest to darkest:
Golden Rose 221
Catrice Sweets for my Sweets
Essence Bloom-a-Loom

I added a shimmery top coat from Smart girls get more and a sealing top coat Up to 10 days from Catrice.

I like my gradient nails because the gradation is not so visible at a first glance, but when you look again, you can clearly see it's not just one color.

Do you like more visible gradations or subtle ones like mine?



  1. I love it because you got a very subtle mani.

  2. ♥ the colors... I really like purple & pink together! Beautiful manicure!

  3. svidja mi se, kad sam prvo vidjela na forumu nisam bila sigurna je li gradient, ali se na ovim slikama puno bolje vidi

  4. Amazing!! I actually came to check out this post because I was like "I NEED THAT POLISH COLOR!" I was even more intrigued when I saw the gradient!! You did the gradient so perfectly! I definitely like the subtle gradient more. Did u use a cosmetic sponge to create this? & I understand ur pain of not getting the gradient perfect, I get SO angry when I do gradients that don't come out smooth like yours!!

  5. @Prettyfulz: Thank you very much! It wasn't cosmetic sponge, just plain old sponge for washing dishes... :)