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November 30, 2011

Day 16. Tribal print

I had no idea what to do for this challenge!
So I experimented... I did two whole, complicated manis before this one and I wasn't satisfied with them.

This is the third luck and I'm pleased everyone I met yesterday guessed what it was supposed to be.

For base polish I used Essence Sundancer and with scotch tape I added two surfaces of Essence Chacalaca (dark blue).
Then I used tip painter with some unknown red polish to paint red stripes and dots and the same with P2 Elegant (new version) for beige stripes and dots.

I find this mani very eye catching and everyone I met yesterday while wearing it asked me how I did this. Even the boys at my college, who usually don't notice anything, asked me if that's supposed to be tribal or native print.

All I can say is: in almost a year of doing various manicures this was the hardest one I've ever done. It took me an hour and a half, painting, drying it enough for using scotch tape without pulling the polish off and drawing the stripes and dots... Lot of effort and I'm not that overwhelmed by the result.

What do you think? Worth the trouble?



  1. I love it, it's so pretty! Great job!

  2. ja ne volim tribal printove, pa se sigurno ne bi zezala sat i po s ovim, a i nikad mi ne bi ovako dobro ispalo, ali za dobar nail art se nekad isplati potrudit

  3. hihi, eto si se pošteno naradila za manikuru ;-D
    ne trebaš bit nezadovoljna, dobro izgleda :-D

  4. Really cool nail art!
    I'm following you now
    xoxo DutchNailpolish