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November 11, 2011

Day 11. Polka Dots

First I'll show you my inspiration:

I'm a nature type of person and I will always choose a walk though the forest than a walk through a shopping center.
I enjoy hunting for mushrooms and identifying them. I took a course few years ago and since then I can recognize around 20 types of mushrooms with 100% accuracy.

Did you know there are only 15 poisonous mushrooms in Croatia? And this one, Amanita muscaria isn't really as dangerous as the rest of them. I mean, it isn't eatable, but you won't die if you eat it by mistake. Altough with this kind of color you would have had to be blind if you'd mistaken it for any other mushroom.

And here's my mani, that reminded so many people of this amazing mushroom.

This was one of the easiest manis I did, but it was so noticeable and lots of people praised it.

I used Deborah 161 (red) and Essence white Stampy polish for dots. I tried to do dots with BM plate, but the result was more like old fashioned tablecloth than a mushroom. Dots had to be larger and irregular.
So I used hairpin's point to make the dots.

I am at a great phase of my nail world: I like my mani and the length of my nails. They have never been longer and I have to thank Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle for that.
I also like the shape of my nails and when I look at the photos of my square shaped nails from last year I'm seeing improvement.

I hope I didn't cast a spell on my nails with what I've just said...!



  1. I oblik i mani je lijepa, i ja sam radila tačkice i svi ih porede s ovom gljivom (a neki i sa onim starim Metalac lončićima, što mi je i bila inspiracija).

    Kao mala, na likovnom sam obožavala praviti ovu gljivu od plastelina :)

  2. Eee da! I meni su za prve (pravilnije) točke rekli da izgledaju kao taj lonac! :)

  3. These are so pretty! I love your pictures-and your nails are so nice!

  4. My sister's allergic to any kind of mushrooms. She used to like them, until one day she started being sick a few hours after eating them.

  5. otrovno, svidja mi se :D nadam se da necu nikad naletit na nijednu od ovih 15 ^_^