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November 22, 2011

Day 14. Flowers

Base polish: Avon Deluxe Chocolate
Stamping polish: Sally Hansen Opal Chrome

I had so many beautiful ideas for flower mani, but these cold autumn days made me change my mind and choose this brown base polish instead.
Flowers are usually connected with pastel and bright colors. But who could resist to this nice brown color with gold shimmer? Not me!

I just loooove brown polishes, too bad they're so unpopular. I'm still searching for a decent replacement for OPI's Holiday Glow. Does any of you, dear readers have any idea of some cool brown polish you'd like to recommend to me?

Please ignore the 'tipwear', it's just those damn fast dry Top Coats... In this case, it's Poshe, but all of them just pull your polish off the tip of the nail. It annoys me so much that I don't use them anymore. I'd rather have my hands in the air for two hours than have nails like this. It looks as my mani is a week old, when, in fact it's just few hours 'old'!



  1. really pretty :)
    and now I finally know where that tip wear thing comes from, I also always get that during the first few hours! Seems logical that it's the top coat :)

  2. lak izgleda bas cokoladno :) a neki smedji nemam za preporucit jer takve prakticki uopce ni ne kupujem

  3. Love these! Let us know what plate you used to stamp with!

  4. It was Bundle Monster's old plate. I don't know which number, but they come together anyway if you order them from Amazon...