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February 26, 2012

Funky french

I did this mani for a challenge we have on Croatian forum and it's called Theme Nails.
This week, the theme is Funky French, and that's any french that isn't just plain white tips on a nude base.

I found this challenge very attractive and have been eager to do it.

I have finally passed that wicked exam and I'm starting my last semester on college! :)
When I took it of my mind I did that funky french and I'm posting it today on the last day of challenge.

As a base I used the one and only, irreplaceable Catrice older version of From Dusk To Dawn.

I own four muddy/taupe polishes that look very alike in the bottles, but on the nails, this one is absolute winner.
It's muddy, but that hint of purple gives it a special charm.
On the tips I have Essence I Love My Jeans and for the thin line I used She 230.


February 22, 2012

L'oreal 505

Hello my dear readers!

I haven't been posting since last week as I had a lot of stress in my life since than.

I had just one exam to pass as a condition to enter the last semester on my college.
It's the third time I'm taking it and I never learnt so much and I felt ready to finally pass.

I wrote three hours, did 15 pages of exam ( and I have tiny handwriting) and got 4! :)

But then came oral exam...The teacher had a bad day and noone passed. She was furious, you should have seen the rage in her eyes! She asked me questions and I really knew everything, but that didn't matter :(

I even shown her in her lectures the exact page where the answer was, but she didn't want to listen.

I'm completely shocked and I can't believe teachers like this still have their jobs...

Now that I got this out of my system I can show you my new polish, a dear friend gave to me.
She didn't know I'm not really into red polishes, but I like this one so she got it well!

I must praise L'oreal polishes, I did three coats, and they were dry in a second. Color was as you can see here already after one coat, but I tried to hide VNL. As you can see, I didn't succeed because this polish is jelly.

But I was surprised with lasting of the polish! I didn't put on a top coat and I had it for four (!) days without a tipwear.  Way to go L'oreal!

If you like tomato reds with jelly finish, you should definitely get this beauty. It's well worth the price.


February 15, 2012

Deborah 837

It's so great when you finally get your hands on the polish you've wanted for a long time.

I wanted this garish green polish ever since I saw it on the shelves, but I didn't want to give 45 kn (9$) for it since I always buy my polishes at a cheaper price, either on ebay or via blog sale. Plus, for that amount of money I'll always choose OPI or China Glaze with their wide range of colors.

But the opportunity finally came and I bought it from a girl that used it only once for a reasonable price.

And here it is, over Colorama Electric Blue

It's gorgeous polish with green base and green glass flecks.
I think it's buildable on its own but I used it over darker base for the first time.

Do you think it's over the edge?

What are your thoughts on buying expensive nail polishes?


February 13, 2012

Orly Flirty


Today I have Orly Flirty to show you. I usually don't wear pink-fuchsia polishes, but I got this one in a swap and I wanted to try it as it looks sooo good in a bottle.
But something happened on the way from the bottle to my nails and I didn't like how it looked on my hands.

That's my problem with pink and pale pink polishes. My hands look dirty as I have yellow skin undertone.
So I added some stamping with my new BM set and classical Manhattan black polish (I have to buy a new bottle, this is one of rare polishes I actually used up!).

Here's the result:


February 11, 2012

Pinky franken

I mixed this one up long time ago, just to make something out of all ugly, sheer and frosty pink polishes I had.

And it worked! It's not sheer (2 coats), not frosty and I like the final color.

I enjoy doing frankens. I ordered Specrtaflair dust and I usually make holo frankens, but it's nice to do a 'normal' color from time to time.

Do you like it?


February 7, 2012

Day 31. Re-create your favorite challenge

I'm finally done with the challenge!

It was a hard task, picking my fav of all those manis, but somehow I liked Inspired by a color best.
I love the idea of painting each nail differently, but still all of them connected with a single color.

So, here's Inspired by Purple:

I've read somewhere that this kind of mani is called skittles mani (at least Ivana from Ivana Thinks Pink calls them skittles), and I like the name. I like the point of the mani, too.

And mostly I love doing it, choosing  and coordinating colors. I think I'll do it with all the colors I own.

And just a reminder of Inspired by Blue:

Which color looks better?


February 5, 2012

Day 30. Inspired by a tutorial

Ok, now I can tell you the thruth :)

When I did Inspired by artwork, I instantly thought of Van Gogh Sunflowers. But I didn't do them because I knew from the start which tutorial I will be doing, and that is Sunflowers by Kayla Shevonne.
That would be double sunflowers and I didn't want that so I chose the easy solution for artwork.

Check out the great tutorial here.
I love Kayla's tutorials, they're amazing and I'll certainly do more of them when I get the time.

And now my interpretation:

As a base I used China Glaze Shower Together, beautiful blue-green creme polish. For sunflowers I used no name yellow polish from New Age, that's so pigmented that I didn't need white base as Kayla did.
And for sunflower seeds I used Sephora Smurf.

I haven't got the shimmer in Smurf, but you get the idea from the second photo. I love, love, love that polish, the best brown I own.

That reminds me, can you give me any suggestions for a nice brown polish? I think brown is underrated. There are maybe three brown polishes that I like. Usually they make browns that look like sh.. or browns that have too much red in it and can be described as burgundy.
But pure brown, and with some nice shimmer like in Sephora Smurf I see very rarely.
I can think only of Zoya Cheryl right now... :(

So I take you suggestions and advices for a nice brown polish!


February 1, 2012

Day 29. Inspired by the Supernatural


According to your comments, you didn't like my flags as well... :(

But I have something better this time!
Check out these little freaks on my nails:

Aren't they supercool? :)
I asked my roommate for a suggestion on supernatural mani and since I'm not very good at free hand nail art I gave her all my stamping plates and asked her to choose a pattern for me.

She chose skulls and Santa hats from my new BM plates and said I should combine them. It didn't look that well in my mind as it turned out to be, I admit.

For a base color I used Yolizul 786 (blue-purple duochrome) over Pure Ice French Kiss.
For stamping standardly Sally Hansen Opal Chrome and for those spooky eyes Milani Gems.
You should see how they sparkle in reality,as though they're really alive!

Any comments this time?