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February 11, 2012

Pinky franken

I mixed this one up long time ago, just to make something out of all ugly, sheer and frosty pink polishes I had.

And it worked! It's not sheer (2 coats), not frosty and I like the final color.

I enjoy doing frankens. I ordered Specrtaflair dust and I usually make holo frankens, but it's nice to do a 'normal' color from time to time.

Do you like it?



  1. I love it, it's gentle and gorgeous!

  2. You did a really good job! It turned out a really nice shade of pink and I love the subtle shimmer in it!

  3. I love the color, great job! :)

  4. krasna bojica, tako prikladna za ovo vrijeme, a moram priznati da ti super paše :-D

  5. Great job, I love the colour, such a pretty pink! :) I did it myself once too: gathered all my oldies and sheer pinks and just mixed them altogether - got a nice pink 2-coater hehe :)

  6. Wow, thanks girls, I had no idea you would love this color so much!