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February 7, 2012

Day 31. Re-create your favorite challenge

I'm finally done with the challenge!

It was a hard task, picking my fav of all those manis, but somehow I liked Inspired by a color best.
I love the idea of painting each nail differently, but still all of them connected with a single color.

So, here's Inspired by Purple:

I've read somewhere that this kind of mani is called skittles mani (at least Ivana from Ivana Thinks Pink calls them skittles), and I like the name. I like the point of the mani, too.

And mostly I love doing it, choosing  and coordinating colors. I think I'll do it with all the colors I own.

And just a reminder of Inspired by Blue:

Which color looks better?



  1. ova plava je zakon :D mislim, obje su lijepe i uredne, ali ova plava baš ima "ono nešto"

  2. iako mi je plava kombinacija draza i ova mi je super, srednjak mi posebno dobro izgleda :)

  3. dobra je i ova kombinacija, ali moje srce ide plavoj *.*