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February 22, 2012

L'oreal 505

Hello my dear readers!

I haven't been posting since last week as I had a lot of stress in my life since than.

I had just one exam to pass as a condition to enter the last semester on my college.
It's the third time I'm taking it and I never learnt so much and I felt ready to finally pass.

I wrote three hours, did 15 pages of exam ( and I have tiny handwriting) and got 4! :)

But then came oral exam...The teacher had a bad day and noone passed. She was furious, you should have seen the rage in her eyes! She asked me questions and I really knew everything, but that didn't matter :(

I even shown her in her lectures the exact page where the answer was, but she didn't want to listen.

I'm completely shocked and I can't believe teachers like this still have their jobs...

Now that I got this out of my system I can show you my new polish, a dear friend gave to me.
She didn't know I'm not really into red polishes, but I like this one so she got it well!

I must praise L'oreal polishes, I did three coats, and they were dry in a second. Color was as you can see here already after one coat, but I tried to hide VNL. As you can see, I didn't succeed because this polish is jelly.

But I was surprised with lasting of the polish! I didn't put on a top coat and I had it for four (!) days without a tipwear.  Way to go L'oreal!

If you like tomato reds with jelly finish, you should definitely get this beauty. It's well worth the price.



  1. predivno ti stoji ovaj lak. ja sam oduševljenja njihovim lakovima jer mi na noktima jako dugo traju, samo im zamjeram nedostatak nijansi :(

  2. Well, at least your day can be brightened with nail polish. Maybe your teacher was mean to you because she is jelous of your nails :)

  3. Sorry you had such a crappy test. I hate when the teachers take their bad mood out on you :(
    The color is pretty though, I agree with Nail Treasures, she must have been jealous :)

  4. Nemam nijedan Loreal lak, preskupi su za drogerijski rang...Vidiš, puno ljudi misli (i sama sam valjda medju njima) da se s crvenim lakom za poklon nikad ne moze pogrijesiti :D al eto, ima i onih koji nisu bas na ti s crvendacima...:D Zapravo, bas sam se zacudila kad sam vidjela ovaj lak kod tebe, jer znam da nisi bas mala od crvenih,...Ali svejedno ti lijepo stoji, jer ajde, bar podton nije fulan :) Ja jedino nikako ne mogu progutati taj jelly finish, općenito kod lakova :S Zanimljivo, bas volim crveno na noktima, a nemam nijedan pošteni crveni :D