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November 16, 2011

Day 13. Animal print with Leopard mani

Hi everyone!

As much as I like stamping, I wanted to do this mani on my own. I used thin brush from Essence's tip painter to create a black rim over the brown polish.

But unfortunatelly, it would have been better if I did it with Konad, since noone recognised it was a leopard.
I got all sorts of comments, once again, and the most common one was that it resembled grains of coffee!

What do you think? Leopard, coffee, or something else?

And one photo on direct sunlight

I believe the main reason for this was the color of the base polish.

While P2 Elegant (new version) is a perfect nude/neutral color, it just isn't a leopard's coat color.
I searched in my polish collection, but I couldn't find such a color (wow, I can't believe there is a color missing in my stash!) so now I'm in search of it.
Elegant is really what it's name says: super subtle and elegant! The opacity and application was more than great for that type of color. One coat would have been enough, but I did two for the photos.
I also like durability of the polish. It's the third day now, and still NO chipping or tiwear! Wow!

For spots I used Essence Always Hippie, and for black rim Manhattan's black creme polish.

I went outside my apartment to take photos and in front of the building several neigbour's cats decided to join me.
I took some photos of them, too, and they're so cute that I just have to post them here!

Whiskas cat:

 Re-mix your stile cat:

I love how funny this little guy turned out! Garfield's head and neck, and the rest of the coat orange fighting with black!



  1. i dobro da si sama ovo nacrtala, super je :-D
    naravno, pala sam i na mucke ;-)

  2. I think it looks like leopard print :) It's really pretty!