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November 27, 2011

Day 15. Delicate print with All Hail McQueen

Delicate for me means something hardly visible, subtle and gentle.
I find Butter London All Hail McQueen polish just fit to that description.

And since the main theme is print, I chose this delicate, lace-like print in a color just slightly darker than base color. I used Sephora Smurf for stamping.

Now, a few words about the polish (All Hail McQueen).
I'm not satisfied at all!

When I found out I'm about to get this polish in a swap, I was thrilled! I wanted this polish for so long!
But after first application I was dissapointed.
It took three coats to achieve full opacity (it dried quickly, but still...), the tipwear was visible after less than 24 hours and the holo effect wasn't at all visible.
Acording to swatches available on the internet I expected a deep, beige holo polish. But holo effect was minimal, or, should I say not visible at all.

 But a pretty color anyway. Just not worth the price.



  1. Pity the formula wasn't good, because it's a very pretty colour.

  2. really nice :))
    I follow you now :*

  3. Delicate is the perfect work to describe this polish! it's gorgeous

  4. Great manicure, I like the final look! But I'm also very sad to hear that All Hail The Queen is so tricky, it's one of my biggest lemmings too.. It still looks pretty on your pictures! :)

  5. eto na, šteta što lak ne zadovoljava ali zbilja krasno izglea, i sa stampingom isto :-D

  6. This is so pretty! I never think to just run a stamp down the middle!