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October 27, 2011

Day 9. Rainbow nails

This is the most complex mani I've done in a while...
I used 13 polishes!
In the order of usage:
Sally Hansen Nailgrowth miracle base coat
OPI No Room For The Blues (blue base)
Yolizul 321 (dark red)
Deborah 7 day long 161 (red)
Astor Mikado 30 (orange)
New Age no name Yellow
Look by Bipa no.17 Frog (green)
Essence Chacalaca (dark blue)
Smart girl get more  Glitter/shimmer top coat
Catrice Up to 10 days Top coat

Phew! I had a hard time just typing it all down :)
First I did two coats of OPI and then with liner brush from Essence's tip painter polish I drew thin lines of each color. The result seemed a little uneven to me so I added a shimmering top coat to cover it up a bit.

I really enjoyed doing this mani and wearing it!
I got all sorts of comments, let me mention a few of them:
"Oh, are you planning on going to Love parade?" :)
"What's that supposed to be? Rainbow? I don't think so. Which rainbow has brown in it?"
"Is this like a symbol for resistors? " - friend engineer
" Oh, look at you serious girl with cheerful nails! " - a man on the street

This is also a mani I've been wearing for the longest time: for five whole days, and going towards sixth!

What does this remind you of? I hope rainbow, since that was the idea. But I'd like to hear if there's something else you see in this pattern...



  1. em je plavo, em je šareno, em ima shimmer povrh svega - kako mi se ne bi sviđalo, super manikura za dišpet kiši koja ne prestaje padat :-D

  2. This is really awesome! I love rainbows!!

  3. Really pretty, and you can definitely tell that it's a rainbow! :)