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October 14, 2011

Day 4. Green nails with Zoya Gemma

Ahhh, finally my kind of day!

And a new polish I got in yesterday's mail: Zoya Gemma. I wanted Gemma since I first saw it and got it from a blog sale.

I can say that it fulfilled my expectations, the color is awesome and the blue shimmer is pretty visible on the nail.
I didn't like the fact that it took it three layers for full opacity since it's Zoya, and the other polishes I own from Zoya are more opaque.
But I forgive it because the color is amazing: pale medium green with icy blue shimmer that makes the polish look cold.  Perfect for these cool autumn afternoons...

From swatches on the net I thought it would look similar to Essence Barefoot through the moss (minus the shimmer), but Gemma is darker than Essence and has more blue in it, while Essence leans toward olive green.

Any other green lovers out there?



  1. Is there a dupe for this among the new Colour & Go polishes?

  2. No, I don't think there is. But as I said, it's close to Barefoot through the moss, from collection Naturventurista, which is in stores right now...

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  4. I live for greens! This Gemma isone of my top greens of all times! Am a new follower! Your nails are so pretty!