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October 10, 2011

Day 3. Yellow nails with Juliana Nails 154

I don't know if it's this depressing weather or the fact that the summer is finally over, or the people around me, but I'm in awfully bad mood.  :(
Gloomy weather, blue mood, but cheerful nail polish color: yellow!

On to the photos, I have no inspiration what to write. I feel there's a big change about to happen in my life, and I can't really decide what is that supposed to be. New boyfriend? Ending college at last? Finding a real job?
All that scares me...

On to the polish:

On this pale october sun my hands look deadly gray, and the nail polish color is also a bit muted.
It's actually a nice color, something between yellow and caramel. Reminds me of something that ran away from Twix or Kinder Bueno commercial.
I don't like visible brush strokes, but nobody's perfect, huh?

I hope I will regain some of my good mood 'till the next post. :)