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May 3, 2011

Essence What do you think? Fire mani

Yet, another Essence polish!
I think Esseence What do you think is the perfect orange for my skin tone : not too bright, and not too pale. But I don't think the quality matches the greatness of the color.

Every time I wear it, it chips in large pieces the same day, and in two days I peel it of my nails in stripes...
Perhaps the worst Essence polish that I own... And I do own quite a few...

Here are the photos:

 I found out about BM contest on facebook too late, so I didn't get the chance for getting new plates. But I decided not to care, since I'm not done with the ideas for old plates yet...  :)
I really enjoyed this mani. Too bad it lasted for about 30 hours only, thanks to What do you think?.

What do YOU think?



  1. Svidja mi se boja laka, cak sam si ga htjela kupiti, ali sam ipak odustala i smiksala si doma nesto slicno...Mozda i bolje ako velis da je tako los...Flames nisu my thing...:)

  2. Wonderful mani...