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May 19, 2011

Bourjois 10 days no. 18

Yesterday it was a special day here in Croatia! In one drugstore there was 30% off on all nail polishes. Of course I had to drop by and take a look, but since I ordered one pricey package from ebay, I couldn't buy more than 5 polishes, I made a promise to myself. I'm proud to say  I kept that promise, and now I'm a proud owner of 4  new polishes! :)

One of them I was most excited about is Bourjois dark blue polish under a "very cool" name: 18.
This is dream-come-true polish for me. Blue with grey subtone and a ultra mega cool silver shimmer that is actually visible on the nail! Two coats are more than enough, and this baby shines this much without top coat:

 And last picture is taken indoors and it shows my left hand. I'm right-handed, but somehow I always get my right hand painted better and looking better, which is unusual. Maybe I was supposed to be left-handed?

I have only words of praise for this polish, but I hate it's brush. It's supposed to be shaped to help you paint your nails perfectly, but I ended up with only doing a big mess. You can see the shape of the brush on Lalica's blog here. But luckily I have plenty of nail polish correctors in pen so I cleaned it up.



  1. Preeeeeeeeeekrasan!
    Drago mi je da sam i ovoga uzela.

  2. Wow! Pa razmišljala sam da ga kupim, al kao da ne bi, pošto kupujem stvarno previše lakova u zadnje vrijeme, al vidim, da ću ga trebat ...

  3. Lalica je sugerirala i kako se treba držati da četkica bude kako treba, možda je to i kod tebe problem?
    Predivna boja, zaista doista :)

  4. boja je predivna, ja ga nisam kupila jer ne smijem vise gomilat slicne nijanse

  5. Hvala svima! :)

    Držala sam četkicu kako bi trebalo, tj. prema tome kako je oblikovan čep, ali svejedno...
    Valjda sa svim novim stvarima treba prakse!

  6. just discovered your blog - great work! =D a nice coincidence, I did a manicure a month ago, which greatly resembles this manicure of yours, without even knowing you =D
    have a great day!

  7. Pretty one. I was staring at it in Brussels yesterday, but didn't buy because of the relatively high price. And in my case, I always paint right hand better (I'm right handed), when the brush is wide..

  8. Ta si zasluži vso pozornost, lep je!

  9. Saw your blue nails and just bought the colour right then and there on ebay. A must have :)