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May 28, 2011

Essence Sundancer & Crackle

Hello my dear readers!
I haven't posted in a while, since my semester is getting close to an end, and I have to finish so many tasks. I'm sorry, I would love to be more like the famous bloggers out there who post every day, but as it says in my profile: I'm just a small fish trying to be like them, but failing most of the time :)

I have this mani for three days, and I made the photos on tuesday, but I didn't have time or energy to write few coherent words with it. But it's friday, at last, and I got to sleep more than 5 hours so now I have the necessary upswing! (edit: it's saturday, since I couldn't upload my photos yesterday, I don't know what happened with blogger)
As a base  I used Essence Sundancer, polish that receives so much hate that I have to stand up for it:  it's not that bad in application, covering is good in two coats, it lasts more than two days and I actually like it's 'eggy' kind of yellow.
I planned to do some nail art but I gave up and just put one coat of Essence's black crackle top coat.
This time I tried to apply it in zigzag pattern and it worked better for me, altough I once more confirmed to myself how unfascinated I am with crackles in general.
My nails look unneat and unevenly shaped with crackle, and since I'm fond of symmetry, I have to remind myself that it should look like this, every time I look at my nails.

I was pretty surprised to see that very few people liked my new jelly green polish. I was thrilled with it and I believe I'll be wearing it more often in autumn time.

What do you think of this yellow-black combo?



  1. Meni je ovo odlično, vrlo neobično i atraktivno.
    Ali slažem se s tobom da su cracklovi ipak naposlijetku precijenjeni.

  2. i dalje si govori da to tako treba izgledati ;-)
    meni super izgledaju, dobra ti je ova ideja s cik-cakom ;-)

  3. meni crackleovi dobro izgledaju, ali isto imam problem sa nesimetricnoscu, ja bi da mogu svaki nokat napravit da isto puca, crnozuta kombinacija mi se svidja

  4. Ja sam si Sundancera kupila bas za ovu kombinaciju, ali jos nisam isprobala! Sad kad nalakiram ispast ce da te kopiram :D :D

  5. I'm not a huge fan of crackles, but that looks even interesting :)

  6. Thanks for commenting!
    Hvala :)

    @Lendoxia: isto tako: da su svi isti bolje bi mi pasalo. Čudno, ali asimetrija me ne dira kad je u pitanju Water marble :)
    @Irena: znam kako je to kad imaš ideju,ali netko prije tebe stavi istu kombinaciju! ;) Slobodno "kopiraj"! :)

  7. I like this crackle! The silver OPI is hideous! I have the Cover Girl crackle & like that one as well. Pretty yellow.

  8. I loved!!! You have good taste, congratulations.
    Look at my blog, will be an honor to have her as a follower!!