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May 23, 2011

Basic Beauty no.109

I bought this wondeful shade of jelly green when Basic Beauty polishes were on sale in Limoni perfume shops in Croatia. Believe it or not, this beauty was only 2$!!!

The color is somewhere between Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle and Orly Enchanted Forest.
I was considering buying Enchynted Forest for some time, but the shade didn't excite me just enough. The color was too dark, too dull.

And then I saw this Beauty! For me it's the perfect dark green jelly: not too dark that it looks black, but jet dark enough that it doesn't scream green!

I was in a big hurry putting this polish on so I did two extra thick layers, but what surprised me mostly about this polish is it's quality at such a low price: it didn't bubble and it was dry in ten minutes!

'Nuf talk, let's see this gorgeous!
First picture show the polish's lightest version (lots of sunlight), and the last one is the darkest (and the most accurate one).

Speaking of too dark greens, altough every polish blogger craves for Nars Zulu, I always thought that it looks more black than green, that was the main reason why green-lover like me didn't already buy it at some ridiculous price from ebay.
Wow, am I happy I waited now, and didn't buy it. Because I've found my perfect jelly green now and my quest is over!

Too all of you that love greens and are able to buy this in you country I advise: hurry up and get it! :)



  1. Draga,imaš nagradu kod mene;DD

  2. Gorgeous! Meni se čini kao Illamasqua Rampage dupe. Stvarno. Toliko sam se ga nagledala, da već znam. :D Odličan nakup!

  3. super je :) samo jedno pitanje - kako ti se skida? :) lp