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May 1, 2011

Color Club Uptown Girl Scotch tape mani

Yes, I found wavy scissors that I wanted to buy just to copy some great manis from Queen of the Scotch tape: Chloe.

As a base I used Color Club Uptown Girl, polish that was my lemming for some time before I got it. And I must say, it justified the desire. It applied smoothly, and two layers were more than enough.

I must admit I fell for the name, which is perfect for this kind of color. It's there, but it's so subtle and gentle that it can be appropriate for every occasion.
 Speaking of.... I know some of you will laugh now, but I've got to say: I was rather dissapointed with the condition of 'Royal nails' on friday. Yes, I'm talking about Kate Middleton and the Royal wedding that's been bombing us from every portal and tv. And I must admit I quickly glanced at live streaming of it, and, of course, as a nail addict, I was looking forward to see her nails. And altough she looked stunning, real princess in every way, I was expecting an elegant mani as well. I guess I wanted to see at least an unnoticeable nude or subtle french nails, but nothing was there... :(
Now, go on, call me crazy :)  But does anyone else agrees with me? :)

On to my own nails. My very first, and in my opinion succesfull, mani with wavy Scotch tape:

The first three photos were taken in the shade, and the next two are in the sun (ignore sheet mark on the ring finger)

And I must also show you the reason why I chose this specific color. I bought a new ring, and I'm infatuated by it. I kept watching it and tried to find something in my collection that was close to be a dupe for the color of the ring. Since my collection isn't (yet) that impressive, this color was the closest.
Do you like the irng as much as I do?



  1. This ring looks really awesome with your manicure!

  2. Very pretty mani. I have 2 different design scissors that I may have to try a mani with. Love your color choices too.

  3. ovi su mi definitivno favoriti!!!!!odli─Źni su!!!!:))))

  4. Great mani, and the ring really complements it!