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May 7, 2011

Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero!

I finally found my perfect nude!
It's not exactly nude, since I like nail polish to be visible and noticeable, but it macthes my skin tone so perfectly so I dedcided to call it a nude.
The color is caramel-beige with golden micro shimmer that gives the polish greenish look. As my skin tone is olive, the combination is perfect.

Polish is covering nail line in just one coat, and I preffer the tone of the polish in just one coat, but I did two just for the photo. It's a bit darker in the second layer.

Bottom line: I recommend this polish to all olive toned skin girls, but I would also like to see this polish on someone lighter and paler. From swatches I saw it looks more brown than caramel on lighter skin.

Anyway, I believe Catrice is pulling this one out, so if you like it you better hurry and grab your Clay-ton.



  1. Pretty nude! :-)

  2. Nice, but I guess it would be to dark to be my perfect nude :)

  3. meni ovo nikako ne bi mogao bit nude, lijepa mi je boja, al ne bi lijepo izgledala na meni

  4. clay-ton je i moj heroj :D

    ps: ceka te nagradica na mom blogu :)

  5. i ja volim claytona, krasan je :-D

  6. Svi vole Clay-tona!

    Hvala na komentarima svima!
    Thanks for commenting!

  7. This is really pretty! I really like this shade, I have been looking for something similar for ages.

    I'll see if I can get this shade here and I'll let you know how it looks like on people that are as pale as a ghost! :)

  8. I also love Clay-ton. It's a 'my nails but better', I'd say.