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March 27, 2011

Something different....



When I started this blog, I wanted to post everthing that makes my life richer, whether it's a photo of my cat dreaming in the sun, new mani that made me happy or random swatches of make up.
Of course, I wanted it to be mainly nail polish blog, but every now and then something will inspire me like this and you will not only be watching my nails  :)

In the near of my house there's a forest with swamps. Every spring frogs are mating in them. You can tell by the sound they make, like a distant rumbling or passing train. And when you come near the swamp you can see thousands of frogs' blue heads making crowd and bubbles.

Yes, I wrote it right, blue frogs's heads. Fact is, when this frog specie mates, the male frog becomes blue. It's amazing, it amazes me every year like I see it the first time.

Here's the picture of a single horny male frog, plus my swatch of beautiful Zoya Shivon, but it's not the most noticeable thing in the photo   :)

And when I say this guy is horny, I mean it. The more prepared they are for mating, the more brighter blue they are.
This guy, on the other hand, caught his girl, and he's not that blue, he's already turning back to his natural color.
Girls are always brown, they don't change colors. And just look how firm he's holding her. I have a feeling her big belly is gonna burst!

I hope you'll like these photos as much as I do. I'm a real animal lover and no animal is discustful to me, especially not these beautiful creatures. Of course, I let them go as soon as I took these photos.
Altough I usually get yucks and ughs, I thought it would be fun to show them to you, my dear readers :)

And just a word of Zoya Shivon: purple/rose duochrome base with golden shimmer. Very unique color and changes a large spectre of colors, depends of the angle and the light. I like the purple-ish side of this polish, but I don't really like coral/bronze side.



  1. cvil, prekrasne zabice :)

    i lak i nokti su lijepi, ali zabe su ipak zvijezde u ovom postu ;)

  2. Jooooooooooooooj iako ih ne volim uzivo bas jih je dobro gledati na slici.
    Ali ti se divim kako je mozes tako drzati, ja bi umrla, jer sam jako jako gadljiva kad su zivotinje u pitanju. :))

  3. oh my gosh, this is soo cute! im an animal lover too. you should really check out the PETA website, home of animal lovers! oh the polish is pretty too!

  4. svaka čast laku ali kraj ovih fantastičnih žabica nisam ga niti primjetila :-D
    nikad nisam vidila plavog žabca uživo iako je iza moje bivše zgrade bila močvara pa sam se nagledala žaba (čak smo ih sestra i ja dovlačile doma i držale u velikim staklenkama jer starci nisu dali držat ni mace ni kuce) :-D

  5. Uh, hvala na pozitivnim komentarima!

    @Ivana: ma tako su fine hladne i skliske, ništa strašno! :)

  6. Just browsing to see what blogs to read, the first pic had me sold. I love his face. Seriously, I feel like he wants to say something, lol. I love the blue color too! Oh man and the pic of them two together is hilarious. He's squeezing the love outta her :D

  7. jao kako su slatke zabe, nisam sigurna da bi ih mogla drzat, al gledat svakako ^_^

  8. @loodie: Love your comment. I also think he's got intelligence in his eyes :)
    You should see how much eggs the female throws out of her, it's three times her belly!

  9. awww the froggys are sooo cute! That is so crazy how they turn blue, I've never seen a frog do that! & that one frog has a kung-fu grip on the other one haha

  10. Divne slike, i ja obožavam životinje ^^ Preslatke su mi ove žabice haha :)

  11. žabeki... imala sam i ja jednog albino malca ali mi je uginuo :(