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March 22, 2011

Golden Rose 220

I totally love this purple polish with fine purple and rose shimmer!
Altough I'm not a super fan of purples (I like violet better) I like to own a few nice ones. This one is great, let's start with application. Lately I tend to have many bubbles, I guess it's because my base coat is getting more dense and then to even it out I add thicker coats and they bubble.
That wasn't the case with this beauty, I put it on without problems, drying time was great and durability aven better.

Yesterday I got in one of 'those' moods so I cleaned bathroom, kitchen and myself (washing hair always gets me chipping). I don't have tip wear, only minor chipping on two nails.

But enough talk, let's see it:

Plus, I got addicted to wearing one small rhinestone from rhinestone wheel  that I bought from Bornpretty, usually on my ring finger.
It 'lifts' up regular mani and gives the final touch.
I was very surpsrised to see that with thick amount of top coat it doesn't lift up and could last for at least a week. Of course, I have to change my polish every three days, so I wouldn't know :)

Do you own rhinestones? Do you put them on often?
Only thing I don't like is when someone puts too much of them, in different colors too, it looks rather cheap, doesn't it? Reminds me of false nails and acrylics...



  1. This purple looks really good. I saw it in a shop but didn´t buy it :(