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March 24, 2011

Smart girls get more... Black Holo! (95)

I never heard of this brand untill my roommate (who's not very into polishes) came to me one day with this jewel!!!

She bought it not knowing what it does, how it goes crazy in sunlight! But I knew right away how precious it is...
*my prrrrecious...*

So after few times wearing it, and no sun outside, today is the lucky day, sun is bright and strong, and I finally got the chance to take a photo of it. Unfortunatelly I just finished a manicure on my hands, but I was wearing Black Holo on my feet so I had to take a photo of my toenails.

Here's the bottle:

This photo above shows it's holo effect best.

And here it is how it looks on my toes:

Can you see beautiful holo effect on the last photo? It is quite visible, but somehow, camera always wants it to be just plain old black :)

And I haven't mentioned the best part: the price! It's les than 2 $ for 5,5 ml.



  1. super si ga uspjela uhvatit, meni to bas i nije uspjelo

  2. Imam ga, imam ga!!! :) Divan je :)) Za te novce i pogotovo :) Imas lijepe prstiće i noktiće na nogama :)

  3. Baš je dobar!Gdje se može kupiti? Nisam nigdje vidjela ovu marku...

  4. Hvala svima! Ja sam ga u Zagrebu kupila u Afroditinoj trgovini u Harmici, a ima ga i u Nami. Za druge gradove stvarno ne znam...

  5. beauty nail - it's my must have!

  6. beauty nail - it's my must have!