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June 18, 2012

Tapestry mani

So as you remember. I was grumbling about how I dislike China Glaze Fast Track with my skin tone...

These days I'm studying hard, I have only five exams 'till the end of my college and I'm determined to give them ASAP.
But since I'm no robot and I can't study more than one hour at once, I have to make small pauses.

So... I decided to upgrade the polish.
First day I stamped it with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, which is a great one-coat matte polish. And since it's pigmented well, it's good for stamping, too.
Second day I added purple tips with scotch tape with Golden Rose Matte 07 polish. That's also a great one coater that has an astonishing color, that I didn't accomplish to present in all it's glory.

However, as lovely as it is, it also has the problem all matte polishes have: huge tipwear second day.

Here's the mani. I named it tapestry, since it reminds me of those old pieces that I used to see hanging on the walls in old houses.


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