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June 4, 2012

Orly Fowl Play

I have a long longed polish to show you today! :)

Orly Fowl Play was on my wishlist from the moment I saw it. But when I got it, as usual, the thrill didn't last.
You can call me spoiled, but I really don't want a beautiful polish to be a pain in the ass to apply.
It took three coats to achieve bottle color and an eternity to dry.
So I applied Poshe. Of course, it pulled the polish of my tips and shrinked it 1 mm from the cuticles. And then I applied a fourth coat to even it out.

All in all: great color, the flakies are just adorable. But would I buy it again or recommend it? No.



  1. I had the exact same experience a few months ago :(
    It is a really pretty nailpolish, but the appplication, aaah!

  2. nemoj zezat... sad bih ga mogla i skinit s wish liste :-(
    jesi ga probala stavit preko tamnije podloge?

    1. nisam jer mi je ovo prvo nošenje, ali ubuduće budem tako. Zašto te nema na forumu?:(