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June 8, 2012

Butter London All Hail The Queen

I'm presenting you the most gorgeous polish in my collection: Butter London All Hail The Queen.

If I had to choose just one polish that could fit any outfit and I could wear in any occasion, it would be this one. Subtle enough not to pop out, suitable for wearing at work or at free time, but still interesting enough to be noticeable.

It has tiny holo particles that glow in the daylight, but not enough to be called pure holo polish.
The base color is dark beige, but has some duochrome effect that makes the purple glow appear at certain angles. I tried to capture the purple in it, but it's hard.

Another thing I adore is the fact that it suits my skin tone so well. Altough at some of the swatches on the internet it appears to be brown on pale skined girls, on my skin it looks almost nude.

This is three coats and it's a slight darker than my skin, but at two coats it's perfect nude for me.

 What I also love about this polish is it's package. I love the simple, but stylish square bottle, and he fact that the square cap can be removed so the bruh is easy to handle.

I also love the brand name: Butter London. It suits the polish since the application is butter-like.

 Here's a photo in the shade. All the rainbow particles become dim and the polish looks like silk.

 And here's the photo of the whole hand just to show you how well it goes with my tan.



  1. Zbilja je prekrasan i super ti stoji!

  2. It reminds me of Love Em, Leave Em from Color Club that my sister gifted me with for my birthday.

  3. That's really pretty! And work-appropriate too :-)

  4. This polish is gorgeous! I must get one for myself :)