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June 27, 2012

I'm a Berliner with rhinestones

Summer sun hit me in the head so I wanted to express my summer madness with an apprpriate mani.

I put on Essence I'm a Berliner, a bright Granny Smith apple color, but somehow it wasn't enough.
I added some multicolor rhinestones that I bought on ebay.
I wanted to do each nail different.

I liked the result in the end, but I think the multicolor design would be more suitable for a white base polish.



  1. I love how you spiced it up with just a few rhinestones and it lifts it up so much! Nice job. :)

  2. Very cute stickers as well your nails dear.

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  3. You wear this color very well. I love the rhinestones, too.

  4. I love Essence, and the 'i'm a berliner' green is definitely one I'll keep an eye out for. It's just a pity a lot of their products and new shades aren't available in SA yet. Oh well, a girl can live in hope! Great pictures btw. :-)

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