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June 15, 2012

China Glaze Fast Track

Considering I'm just finishing the third novel of The Hunger Games trilogy, I decided to put on a convenient polish.

I was completely blown away with China Glaze's The Hunger Games collection. For the first time this year I wanted to buy almost every polish there (except for that awful frosty gray and orange foil).
 In the end, after recalculating, I decided I really need just this one since I don't have anything like it in my collection. And the collection is getting to big, around 200 polishes, so I don't go buying everything I like at instant because that way there would be too many similar colors for my taste.

I also wanted to buy Agro, but I didn't find any comparison photos, does any of you know how (un)similar it is to China Glaze Jolly Holly?

I present you : District 6 (transportation): Fast Track

In the sun:

And in the shade:

And one more thing: I hate my skin tone, it totally killed the beauty of this polish!

It's assimilated with my skin color and all you can really see is the golden shimmer :(


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  1. I could have sworn this was 'Irreplaceable' from Essence.