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April 4, 2011

Sally Hansen Teal Takeoff

This is my first Sally's Insta Dri polish, and I can see I'll be buying more of those! :)

When I saw how wide the brush is I thought it was too wide for my small nails, but the thing is that the pressure determines how wide the brush will paint the nail: the more you press, wider the surface of polished nail is. Very easy to apply, in one move.
Drying time is also great,one minute is enough to make it ready for second layer which will also dry in few minutes. Durability is excellent, this is the third day of wearing it and still no tipwear, and most polishes last one or two days on me because the surface of my nail is really greasy no mather how well I clean it or buffer it.

Here's the beauty:

I think I managed to get real color of the polish. Most swatches I've seen on the internet are too blue, while this is more emerald polish. It's much bluer than Color Club Rule Breaker and Essence All Accesss, but it has a lot of green in it, too.

I'm in love with this color!



  1. Hvala! :)
    Mene je boja oduševila, a trajnost još uvijek ne mogu vjerovati: kraj trećeg dana i još je ok...