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April 8, 2011

Misa Dreamy Purple + my new haul

Yesterday I had a small nervous breakdown, since I did about thirty photos of this polish, but my camera didn't like it so it made the polish look blue, which is usually the case with 'blurple' polishes.

Misa Dreamy purple is dark purple with blue under tone, but definitelly more purple than blue, so imagine my swatches more purple-ish; with incredible purple and pink shimmer.
The polish looks so 'high class' and it made even my super short nails (don't know what to do with them lately they break all the time) look longer and more attractive.

Here's the polish:

The third picture looks the most accurate to real color,but  it's taken indoors with flash so it's a bit blurry...

And now my new haul, which I plan to show you for two weeks now. Someone said that new Essence polish You belong to me looks like Catrice's Sold out forever, but according to this photo you can see they're not even close, SOF is more green while YBTM is pale blue with just a hint of green.

I love all those minty greenish-blue colors so I can't decide which one I preffer.

Here's my haul:

From left to right:
 Catrice: Clay-ton, my hero
              Sold out forever
              London's weather forecast
              From dusk till dawn
              Sweets for my sweets
Essence: Chuck
              You belong to me
              Where's the party?

This is my first Barbie-pink polish and I can't wait to try it on, but I'm waiting for my nails to be just a little bit longer for that.


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  1. Great mani and I love the colors you bought!