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April 17, 2011

Essence Where's the party?

I bought this polish without really knowing why, maybe it was the hype about promo pictures (where it looks way better than in reality) or the mass hysteria when new Essence collection came to drugstores and I-have-to-buy-them-all complex...

But after all, and seeing it on my nails, I'm not that crazy about this color.
Yes,it has some pretty duochrome effect: purple with green, but most of the time it looks somewhere between those colors, read: filthy purple leaning to gray-ish smog color.

Here it is, the Smog:

That's it for today, short post because I can't put my thoughts in words, some connection in my brain must have broke yesterday thanks to my B-day party that lasted 12 hours :)



  1. It does look gorgeous, but you are right there is something about this nail polish that isn't right. Thank you for the swatch (:

  2. LOVE! I'm not sure this polish would suit me, but I think it looks amazing on you :) Even filthy colours are fun every once in a while - especially with an effect like this!

  3. Meni je lijepi, samo mi se ne sviđaju crte koje ostaju od laka, a teško je s ovim lakom to izbjeć. Ali sve u svemu fora.. i dobro ti stoji šta god ti rekla.

  4. I decided to buy Catrice Iron Mermaiden instead of this one ... since they look identical. But love them both. :)