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April 25, 2011

Catrice Dirty Berry

Hello everyone!

I've been at my parents for Easter holidays and I haven't got the internet there so I must make up now for not posting for five days :)

Today I have for you another Catrice polish: Dirty Berry. It's from new collection that has just arrived in Croatia. From the swatches in different blogs, I thought the finish was glitter, suede, or something else. I didn't expect this: pale holo effect. Altough it's not really holo, I kind of like the finish.

I did, never the less, try to catch the holo effect. Have I managed to?

I just got overexcited about this polish, and I simply cannot reduce the number of photos :)

I love the color: cold blue undertoned purple with tons of holo particles.

I planned to do an Easter mani (check this out, it's super cool: Easter), but time somehow slipped through my finger and the weekend was over before I could notice...
Oh, well... Next year. This year I got to do Valentine mani, winter and spring mani... :)

What do you think of Dirty Berry? In my opinion, it looks way better on nails than it does in the bottle, so give it a try, is my advice.



  1. OMG what a beutiful colour!!! imust buy them!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous colour! and not dirty at all.

  3. Every time I see the swatches in the net I'm like "oooo I have to get it" and then in the shop it looks just nothing special in the bottle so I leave it on the storeshelf. Hmm, now again, I think I should give it a try :) Looks pretty on you!

  4. What a beautiful color. Love your swatches!

  5. Thank you all! I see you haven't forgotten me since I've been gone for few days :)

  6. Prekrasan je!!!Vidi se i holo i glitter,a i boja je baš po mom ukusu!

  7. izgledao mi je ful obecavajuce, steta sto nije bolji holo, ali lijep je i ovako

  8. oh wooww!!! so pretty!! :) and don't worry! the more pictures the better :)

  9. krasna boja, a i ovaj diskretni holo nije za odbacit :-D

  10. Ovaj je definitivno must have iz novog Catrice asortimana! Predivan je!

  11. Iako nije jaki holo svjedno je predivan i bit će moj 100%. Ljubičaste ne ostavljam na polici.

    I moram ti reć da si me šokirala.. kad sam kliknula na link u postu najmanje što sam se nadala da ću vidjeti su moji nokti. Hvala draga :)

  12. Zaljubila sam se u boju a i u tvoje nokte :))