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April 28, 2011

Essence Chacalaca + Glisten up

One old, one new, one borrowed... :)

Chacalaca, the new one, I showed you just few weeks ago, is from the recent Whoom Boom collection. I used it as a base for an amazing Essence's polish, named Glisten up. That's the old one, since Essence chose to discontinue it. I'm sure all of us, familiar with it, wonder why. We all love flakies and glitter, and this polish is exactly that, perhaps sheer, but excellent for layering.

I saw many manicures with Glisten up over plain black polish, so I knew how it looks, that's why I wanted to try it over dark blue base.
Maybe I should have chosen even darker blue, but I like it like this, too.

It looks like a starry night. The true color is a bit darker, since most of the time it's not that sunny outside, as it was when I was taking the picture (sun-hunting, I'm sure you all know how it feels...).

I love the way flakies come to life with every move that I make. This is my first, but surely not last flakie polish. Nfu.Oh's are on my wishlist since I started this blog, but they are too expensive to get here in Croatia, so I'm waiting for a miracle, lottery  or a giveaway winning to get them. Sigh...!

On to the great news: I'm three followers away from my first giveaway!!!

I have prepared about 7 polishes for my small giveaway, but who knows what'll come of it in the very moment that I see: 100 followers on my screen...

:) :) :)

I really love giveaways, not only for a chance of winning, but as a way for new, small blogs like mine to be heard of. There are many blogs on my blogroll that ended there because of a giveaway, and remained there because they were so good.

I don't like to follow someone's blog just for the sake of giveaways if I don't like the blog itself, and there are many blogs with 1000 or more followers that have giveaways very often, but I'm not a follower for few reasons.

First, if you're going to have a blog, you should care for your nails, paint them neatly and keep them well shaped and designed. It's not just owning thousands of polishes and all new collections.
Second, I don't like blurry, small or low quality photos. Not all of us have light boxes or expensive cameras (I own a small, old camera, but I try to get as much from it as I can), but if you have a blog your photos should look good.

I would like to express my special admiration for the following blogs, since they really try and keep posting great manicures that I enjoy seeing every day.
I 'tag':
Let them have polish
Chloe's nails
Fashion polish
All you desire
Alizarine claws
Vettens blog
Das Experiment
Did someone say nail polish?
Nails for fun
Acetone and old lacquer

So, what's the point of my little speech?
I would like to welcome all my new followers that will join me because they like my blog, but if you don't like it, don't follow just for a chance of winning few polishes.

Love to you all!



  1. Super kombinacija! Ja cu ga jednom isprobati preko crnog! BAs me zanima kak ce to ispast! :) (nisam se nikad sjetila guglat da vidim :D)

    Nego da, tvoj blog svakako zasluzuje vise Followera jer zbilja imas i lijepu zbirkicu lakica i super swatcheve, a eto giveaway je mali mamac za skupljanje ekipe :) JEdva cekam :)

  2. Fenomenalna manikura! Moram ga isprobat, stoji mi već mjesece u kutiji, ajme ... I meni nije jasno što ga vade iz programa ... možda je preskup za praviti?

    I hvala ti na komplimentima i linku do mog bloga! Poljepšala si mi dan, stvarno je lijepo nešto tako prećitat sasvim neplanirano. :) Tvoj blog je super, tako da ćeš imat 100 followera dok si rekla keks, a znam i 100% šta misliš sa "following just for giveaways" ... neka te ne iznenadi kao što je mene sa mom prvim giveawayem ... ima jih nekoliko, al ignoriraj jih, više nas ima tu zbog bloga. :)

  3. Glisten Up is so pretty! I love the combination of it and the dark blue :)

    Thank you so much for "tagging" me, I'm flattered you like my blog and pictures! Being on a list with some of my most favourite blogs / almost idols LOL is so crazy! Oh, and you should pat yourself on the back, because you take some killer pictures yourself :)

  4. Ajoj još sam ljuta što Whoom Boom nije došla kod nas a tako mi je bio fin onaj crveno pink lak. :/ Nemam Glisten Up jer je (šta misliš?) plav. :) Ali videla sam već toliko lepih manikura sa njim da poželim i odem kupiti dok ga još ima. :)) I ova je prekrasna! <3
    I puno ti hvala, da si i mene spomenula. :* Kako i Jette kaže i meni su neki od njih idoli. :) A i ti češ polako dostići puno followera, samo polako... Ima i takvih koji gledaju samo da dobiju nešto ali kako i ti kažeš zbog GA i pronađeš blogove. :)
    Polako polako ali sigurno... Peva mi se. :))

  5. Jao, cure, baš ste mi lijepe komentare i komplimente podijelile.

    Puno vam hvala svima od srca, i to je to zbog čega se trudimo, jel da? ;)

  6. Thank you for the compliments, sweetie!! :) I really like your blog and I think it deserves much more followers, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time!

    And I totally support you in terms of non-following the blogs you don't like, I'm also very picky in this regard. There was a couple of times that I saw amazing giveaways with the polishes I'd die to get, but I didn't enter because I generally didn't like the blog or the swatches. Indeed, blogging about nail beauty is not about HAVING polish, but about SHOWING it, as nicely and neatly as you can.

    Can't wait for the giveaway, yay! :)

  7. Beautiful polish and pictures! I'm a little bit excited I just made your 100th follower ;)