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February 14, 2011

Revlon Perplex

And it's finally mine!

Now that I have it, I don't really like it that much    :(
What's all the fuss about this polish? Yes, the color looks great on the photos, and it's pretty durable, I can't complain. But something about it is just not that perfect as I hoped it would be.
Great expectations, I guess....

On to the photos:

Last photo is with flash.
After  I tried to compare it with other purples I have, I realized that it's not really comparable to purple, but muddy brownish-purple dark gray instead.

Now I want to hear your opinion on this 'ultimate' polish!



  1. I don't have this, I do wish I had because I generally like this type of colors.. But I also think there has been this huge fuss about this and it's probably not that special.. pretty, sure, but nothing spectacular.

  2. ok, nije lak zbog kojeg bih pala u nesvjest, ali je ljubičast i taman a meni se sviđaju takvi lakovi :-)

  3. Boja je ok i i ja volim sve nijanse ljubicaste,ali u pravu si nekako nije "posebna"...

  4. Lep je <3 Moram da vidim ako ima kod nas gde da se kupi :)