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February 16, 2011

Catrice Lost in Mud

Since two of Catrice's colors look similar in the bottle: Lost in Mud and From Dusk 'till Dawn, I chose the darker one. But as soon as I swatched it, I knew I should have bought the other one. When I later tried From Dusk 'till Dawn, it was confirmed: it's way more beautiful, lighter gray with purple subtone... I'll buy it soon.

However, Lost in Mud is just as it's name says: muddy, brownish-gray with low-gloss finish. Just like I put my nails in a puddle of mud.    :)

Here are the photos:

And  one with a flash so you can se the brown in it:

Altough it looks like it has some purple in it on this photo, I assure you, it doesn't... If you think this color is unnoticeable, like I do, don't buy this one. Choose From Dusk 'till Dawn instead. From what I've seen on internet swatches it's the closest dupe to Chanel Particuliere in this price rank.



  1. jedno vrijeme sam ga mislila kupit, ali odustah jer mislim da bi cudno izgledao na meni, al na tebi dobro izgleda, ne znam sto je problematicno :)

  2. ma dobro ti stoji... ok, možda sam malo subjektivna jer se meni ova boja sviđa :-)
    i ja žalim za from dusk 'till dawn jer mi se čini jaaaaako slična essie merino cool kojeg imam :-/

  3. Hvala vam za to da mi dobro stoji, iako tek sad vidim da mi prsti skroz crveno izgledaju na fotkama...

  4. Super ti stoji i boja je divna, ali ja sam ipak izabrala FDTD. Privuklo me ono malo ljubičastog u njemu.