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February 19, 2011

Maybelline Minty

I'm a huge fan of mint colors, and this one is the most perfect mint color of them all! Okay, I still have Orly Gumdrop to swatch, but it leans toward blue too much to be a true minty.
Yes, so the color of this Maybelline is awesome, BUT it's the most horrible  polish to put on, application is terrible... First coat is uneven, and that is expected with a color like this, but the problem with second and third layer is that they don't even the whole thing, but are more difficult to apply. This polish proudly says it's dry in 50 sec. Yes, that's true, but it starts to dry while you're applying it, so you have to be ubelievably quick and precise to put this polish on.
I'm polishing my nails for years now and I thought I can put any polish and make it look good, but this was quite a challenge.
I think I'll wear it only for special occasions, altough the color is sweet.

But enough about the down sizes, look at the beauty:

Who else is a fan of mint greens?
What are the other 'must-have' mint greens?



  1. Savršeno.. stvarno prekrasno. Tako mi je dobra kombinacija boja da ti ne mogu opisat.

  2. Ozbiljno? :)

    Ajde, baš mi je drago,a ja mislila da ti ne voliš zelene.

  3. i ja volim mentu :-)
    sviđa mi se i konačni rezultat :-)

  4. Fantastic color, but application sounds really horrible. :(

  5. This is gorgeous on you! Love the stamping too.

  6. Imam ga i mrzim ga! Mada je boja lijepa, ne koristim ga. Čak mi je i mint ELF bolji od njega!