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February 3, 2011

Kelier Crack Polish

A while ago I bought this from ebay for a few bucks. This was before crackle-mania with OPI started...
Today I want to show you, in my humble opinion, crackle polish that rocks even better than OPI & the rest crackle polishes I've seen! Sorry, OPI, but this one battle you lost, as far as I'm concerned. :)
I used She 230 as a base.

And this is why it rocks:

I'm really proud to have such a gorgeous polish in my collection. Look at the effect! Unlike OPI's scattered black pieces that look like they're thrown on the nail, this crackle reveals little, but beautifully shaped cracked lines. Like dry lands...

And one with the flash:

Flash stresses golden nature of She 230 that is not so visible in first two photos. Altough something like shy sun started to appeal in the sky, it did'n seem enough to wake She outside so I used flash inside.

All in all: I'm excited about this polish like a baby with a new toy (altough I have it for more than few months now). Just the fact that I got it for les than 6$ (shipping to Croatia included) makes me smile. Plus: I forgot to mention: it's so easy to apply: just bump on thick layer and wait five minutes. Ready. But it also requires thick coat of dry fast top coat, so my new Poshe helped me to seal this mani.

Which effect do you like best? OPI, IsaDora, Barry M., or this little thing?



  1. Jel da? ;) Nisi odgovorila koji ti je od nabrojanih bolji, ili imaš nekog svog kandidata?

  2. uf meni se ipak vise svidja kad skroz popucaju

  3. This is such a gorgeous combination!

  4. Imaš nagradu na mom blogu :)

    Btw, obožavam crackle i super ti je ispao! Sad kad dođe nova essence kolekcija ne gine mi uzeti par haha :)

    Lijep pozdrav! Illy

  5. I don't have the OPI or the Barry M, but I have this one and like it!

  6. imaš nagradu na mom blogu!

    super kombinacija!