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February 13, 2011

Golden Rose 217

As a true green-lover I buy almost every green polish that I see. This one attracted me as unique. It's basically green color, but it has very small amount of blue in it, too. My mobile phone kept taking it's pictures blue, but then again, my camera emphasized too much yellow undertone.

I beleive next picture show the color most accurately, but unfortunatelly, it's very blurry :(

This is for all green-lovers out there... I doubt anyone else will like this one.    :)



  1. fantastična mi je ova bojica :-)

  2. Jao, ajde da je barem nekome lijep! :)
    Nikome se ne sviđa tko god ga je vidio dosad

  3. Ma prava je boja pogotovu za ljetnje dane,meni je extra!

  4. :D I meni se svidja lak!

    P.S.: Na mom blogu te ceka nagradica :)