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January 11, 2011

Sally Hansen Pink Rose Diamond

Another Rainbow-in-every-bottle jewel from Sally Hansen, this time pinky holo:

 It's so beautiful that I had to post 6 photos! This is in the sun: (that I waited for so long) the rainbow is best visible in this blurry pic that shows only three nails and which I accidentally took. :)

 And this is in the shadow:

All in all color I would recommend, even though it's my first holo, and I have no other pink rose color to compare it to, I would say it's pretty much similar to OPI DS Reserve or China Glaze Don't be square.
I'm planning to order Nubar Reclaim because if I love a pink holo, I will die for green one, since green polishes are my favourite.

That's all for now, big kiss



  1. lijep je podsjeca na S-he 427 mozda cak i duplic?

  2. Nemam She, nažalost, ali možda sutra skoknem do dm-a ako ću imati vremena da pogledam jel duplić...