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January 19, 2011

How stamping saved the day!

I promised to show you how I saved this beautiful polish from Essence from being wiped of my nails very same day I put it on. It's not that good quality so I got tipwears same afternoon. But thanks to some smart people at Bundle Monster this stamping image is perfect for situations like this: just put it on the tip of your nail and it won't look like three-days-old-mani anymore:

The shape of this image is made for square-shaped nails so there's no problem with stamping like with the rest of images that are oval-shaped. Anyway, if I didn't tell you yet: you MUST have BM plates. They're too cheap to argue about it, and not a bad quality, too.Their images for the whole nail are smaller than the ones from Konad, but if you have small nail plate like I do, that won't be a problem.



  1. Super izgleda! I meni su BM baš super, ali nažalost premali su uzorci za moje nokte tako da mi ne odgovaraju! :/

    A koji je to zlatni lak?

  2. Lijepa i zenstvena kombinacija

  3. super si spasila stvar!
    krasna kombinacija :-)

  4. zgodno rjesenje problema, samo se meni ne da toliko gledat isti lak na noktima ^_^

  5. Hvala cure!

    Lendoxia: ma tek mu je drugi dan!Neka bude još malo...

    Ivana: neki prastari l'oreal chrome,ne proizvode ih više, a sjajan je za pečate, ne znam što ću kad ga potrošim...